This Diwali - Decorate Your Home Like a Bride! 

This Diwali - Decorate Your Home Like a Bride!

The Diwali- festival of lights is celebrated with full of energy and enthusiasm. The Goddess Luxmi resides in the home, which is most beautiful and is decorated in a proper ways too. The frenzy cleaning up of the houses can be seen everywhere following the great fest. An insight into some of the unique and most creative ideas that decorate your house like a beautiful bride have been given-

The illuminated living area

The first eye catching impression is to get your guest room and the living area in the most entirety form, on which the elegance in the form of beautifully colored and illuminated lights have been sprinkled. Use light colours on the upholstery of the furniture. Moreover, the false ceilings can be patterned with the pretty patterns. Add light in the most elegant and sophisticated way to enhance the elegance. Beautiful curtains, preferably of the light colours along with the wooden floors and a soft rug on the floor complete the classy look of the room.

The lit up gardens

Have a beautiful, mesmerizing garden in the entrance side. Also ensure the spectacular look of the Garden by giving your lights the double impression, by having glass in the garden area to make floors shine doubly and letting it enlighten with the illumination. Imagine the stunning look when anyone enters the home and your green garden with wooden pillars and serene plants would enchant the heart thus displaying modernity and ethnicity together.
The pooja room

The pooja room is the heart of the house during the Diwali. It’s almost mandatory to give your pooja room a peaceful, yet gorgeous appearance to concentrate more on the prayers. The flowers, Diyas and other decorating items must Embrace the vibrations of the puja room. Have one standing diya stand for that traditional look, which you lit up for the stunning lights and illumination. 

The Bright candles and lanterns

The Diya decoration, involves collecting all the Diyas and get them colored and illuminated with the glitter and decorate them the way you wanna decorate and light up your house with them. 

Floating candles, which are placed in the water, look mesmerizing. The bigger zar or the pot containing the beautiful enlightening hundreds of the Diyas is the perfect idea to decorate and light up the home.


This festival of lights, do something different with a variety of decorative lights available in the market.


Use paper bubbles and create a chain for bulbs that you can use to hang around the walls. These paper bubbles can be easily made at home using some paper and glue.


If you like DIY projects then get creative with old paper cups. Paint them and cut them out into floral shapes that can be stuck together. Add a light bulb to it and create a chain.


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