This is How Bride and Groom Enter into the Reception - The Fun ideas to Generate Impact 

This is How Bride and Groom Enter into the Reception - The Fun ideas to Generate Impact

The super awesome entry of the bride and the groom in reception is the gorgeous phenomenon that everyone awaits off, after the tedious and exhaustive, still interesting affair of long term traditional ceremonies. The real fun is generated here and the bride and groom walk hand –in –hand. The memories of these precious moments last forever that no one can forget. There can be numerous gorgeous ways of how the bride and groom enter into and they make the guests and the wedding staff feels special with their extra special presence. The ideas, which can be creative or the one in vogue can be thieved to have the one chosen for your wedding-

1. Sparkler Entry 

The sparkler’s glowing away in the hands of the loved one’s above the or near the couple looks not only hollywoodi-sh, but also dreamy and super duper. The colors can be utilized more to have that superfine look when the bride and groom enter and the sparkles that come with confetti to make yours stand out. 

2. ATV Entrance 

The decorated ATV that adds luxe as well as adventure to your wedding is really the fantastic idea that ever you can have. The adventurous vibes that come are really wonderful and the Goa wedding supports this kind of the reception entrance.

3. The entrance with Nagadas and dhols-

The best and the perfect, that can be the real way to have the traditional and most effortless one is the sound of the Indian bands, in which the nagadas and dhols are added. Nothing could be the most perfect way to enter into the real life. The welcome of the bride and groom with nagadas seem like the perfect maharaja style entrance. If your are typical Indian and has a soft corner for traditions and rituals, then you must go for it.

4. Entrance on any public transport-

The greatest drama of that perfect laughs and the super amused people around you makes for the perfect pictures where the groom takes the rein and parading his wife loving on a rickshaw or a bike. Just imagine the suited buited couple, when come on the decorated bike or rickshaw, express the love among them which further ensures super cool pictures.

5. Bursting into a fun sign- 

To have the extraordinary entry that can give your wedding guests chuckle and run into it, you can enter by torning the paper pre written with some cute words- like as breaking free or just got married or similar slogans. 

In addition to all these, there can be more entrance ideas like as coming on the elephant during beach wedding, a kidding routine when you cross, a fire work when you drive out etc.


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