Tips for Being a Better Wedding Guest 

Tips for Being a Better Wedding Guest

There are certain etiquettes which every guest who has been invited to a wedding must know and follow, in order to become a perfect wedding guest. While everyone knows that they cannot wear casual jeans and show up at a wedding, not many are aware that there are many other rules, other than  proper dressing, which they need to adhere to when attending a wedding. 

Some of the dos and don’ts associated with being a perfect guest at weddings are as follows:

RSVP On Time

When we receive the invite for a wedding, most of take it very casually and take days before replying to the invite. Our delay in confirming our presence at the wedding can cause many problems for the bride and the groom, who already are under great stress from planning the wedding. Without a confirmation from us, they would not be able to make the final list of guests attending the wedding, plan the seating arrangements for the guests during the wedding ceremonies, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important that as soon as we receive an invite for a wedding, we immediately RSVP to the hosts and confirms our plans for the wedding. 

Be On Time

The wedding day is a special day for the bride and the groom and therefore, while they have the right to spend extra time in getting their look perfect, or take the time to calm their nerves, and hence get late in the process for the ceremony, you should never be the reason for the delay in any of the wedding ceremonies. Make sure that you arrive on time. You must know that your being on time for the ceremonies is always appreciated by the hosts of the weddings. 

Do Not Be Over Critical

Just because you are a guest at a wedding and it is the duty of the host of the wedding to take care of you and look after your needs and comfort, it does not give you the right to throw tantrums at a wedding and criticize everything that hosts does. Perfect wedding guests are those people, who do not cause any trouble for the bride and the groom, but contribute towards making the wedding even more special for them, by lending a helping hand wherever needed during the wedding. Even if your help is not needed, by simply not causing problems for the hosts, you can become a really good wedding guest. 

Use Your Phones And Cameras Responsibly

The trend of taking selfies with phones has become a big menace these days. You would often find guests at a wedding busy taking their own selfies in small group, rather than concentrating on the bride or the groom or the ceremony happening. This can be quite insulting for the bride and the groom and as a good wedding guest, you should avoid indulging in this behavior. There would be numerous opportunities and enough time for you to click some great snaps of yourself and your friends at the wedding, therefore, while the ceremony is on, make sure you concentrate on the ceremony alone. 


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