Tips For Breaking Up Gently 

Tips For Breaking Up Gently

It is important that we put in all our efforts to try and ensure that our relationship is able to stay strong under the worst of circumstances, but unfortunately, sometimes, things just seem to reach a dead end in a relationship and it is better to call it quits at such moments rather than try to force ourselves in staying on in a relationship, which has no love and understanding left in it. Eventually such a forced relationship would only end up hurting the feelings of both the partners

However, breaking up is never easy and you always want to break the news of the end of the relationship to your partner in a manner which does not feel like an insult to them and neither does it make you feel guilty about going ahead with it. Below are a few tips, which can help you in breaking up gently with your partner.

Be Honest About The Reason Of The Breakup

No one wants to hear the typical and cliché lines of breakup like ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. It is better to be honest with your partner and give him or her correct reason for you wanting out of the relationship. Knowing the exact reason for the end of the relationship will also help your partner in finding a closure and moving on with their lives, thus making the breakup guilt free for you as well. 

Answer All Their Questions

When you inform your partner about your intention to end the relationship, never leave the other person looking for answers or wondering about the relationship. You need to sit down patiently with him or her and be prepared to answer all of their questions truthfully, so that they are able to deal with the reality of the relationship and know that they cannot hope for any reunion in the future as well. If you leave your partner still looking for answers about your relationship with him or her, you might very soon find yourself in a situation, where you might have to deal with them once again. Therefore, to avoid any future awkward encounters, the best thing is to provide them with all the answers at the time of breaking up itself. 

Do Not Use Intermediaries To Pass On The Message

Maybe you do not love this person today, but there was a time when this person was extremely special in your life and therefore, when ending your relationship with this person, you need to at least extend the courtesy and respect of informing him or her in person about your intention of breaking off the relationship for good. Use of any other method, technology or person, would simply be like adding salt to the insult. 

Listen To What Your Partner Has To Say

It is not only important that you communicate all your feelings about the relationship ad intention to end the same to your partner, but in case your partner has anything to say, you need to listen to his or her side of the story as well. There is a possibility that your relationship might actually find a new lease of life, or at least you would have given the other person a chance to vent out his or her feelings as well. 


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