Tips for Budget Bridal Jewelry 

Tips for Budget Bridal Jewelry

Several brides think that the expensive jewelry will give them stunning appearance on their wedding day. But, this is not the whole truth as lot of brides goes for budget jewelry and still looks as beautiful. These brides try to extract value in all their expenses. This may seem tricky but still it is possible. 

There are several ideas for the budget bridal jewelry shopping as follows:

Most of the bride’s budget is used on her wedding dress. The next expensive thing is jewelry pieces and it is advisable to assign a budget for this. It will enable you to search for the jewelry which is in your budget. It may not be useful to purchase ornate jewelry which cannot be worn on any other event except the wedding. Buying versatile jewelry which can be worn with different outfits is beneficial. A bride could opt for jewelry which could be worn several times with little innovation. Finding a necklace which could be used as bracelet too will save you a lot.

Using the heirloom:

A piece of jewelry has emotions attached with it as it is handed down from a mother to a daughter. A bride can ask her mother that she wants to wear her jewelry on the wedding day. One can choose the bridal dress matching the heirloom. In case the bride likes to give a contemporary look, she can have it spruced up in such a way which suits her style and personality

Tips to be kept in mind for the budget bridal jewelry:

  • The bride should keep in the mind that the neckline of the bridal dress must be in line with the silhouette of the necklace. In case the necklace is already bought, the dress can be purchased accordingly.

  • Usually, the bridal jewelry of the wedding day is heavy. Instead of keeping such jewelry in a vault, the bride can buy jewelry for wearing it in other functions also.

  • The jewelry which is detachable or multi-wearable could be a good choice as it can have user-friendly functions. A necklaces which could turn into nice pendants or smaller necklaces to be worn in other occasions after the wedding will save on the budget.

  • Having the different types of jewelry in one’s possession is economical over the long period. One can opt for mixing contemporary or traditional jewelry for creating the variation in the wedding jewelry

  • An illusion setting in the diamonds could be a nice way to cut the costs. A good illusion set will give the appearance of stunning look in only a small part of the budget of a studded piece of jewelry.

  • The gemstones could be handy while trying to cut budget. One can opt for yellow sapphires in place of the yellow diamonds or smoky quartz in place of brown diamonds.

  • For creating variety and reducing the costs, the bride can use coloured gemstones in place of the large diamonds. The expensive gold links can be replaced with beads.
Thus, it is clear that substantial cost of the jewelry budget can be reduced by keeping the above points in mind.


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