Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Venue 

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Venue

Selecting a perfect wedding venue is one of the prime tasks in wedding planning. The bride and groom are needed to decide on number of wedding guests which will help to zero in on correct size and type of wedding venue. One should consider not only number of guests, but also the dance floor, the band, the tables and the waiters bustling around.

Inquire about the Wedding Dates which may Blackout:

Ascertain in advance whether the wedding date clashes with the other local events including charity walk or trade conference etc. affecting the traffic and the availability of the hotel rooms. The early advance booking of venue dates will save considerable percentage on rent, as also Saturday wedding date will cost less than the Friday and Sunday wedding date.

Consider Weather Report:

Take into account the weather forecasts. If it is a hot summer tent wedding, or inadequately heated winter wedding reception, then the guests may try to leave early. In some areas bugs like the deerflies, no-see-ums and gnats may swarm in a particular season which may require you to hire bug repellents and pest control tanks when you opt for a wedding ceremony at sunset, check timing for saying the vows.

Location of Wedding Venue:

The location of wedding venue is a deciding factor for the wedding guests to attend the event. Several guests are likely to skip a destination wedding. Also, out-of-town wedding guests may not turn up at last moment.

Factors in Selecting Wedding Venue:

The venue photos on the website depict various aspects of the site in various lighting shades. The ready access of the venue to the invitees should be there. The access to venue, its minimum capacity, factors included in the cost and the time limits at the venue could be deciding factors in selecting a venue.

Venue Contract:

Also, the language of the contract should contain all the relevant points regarding conduct of the wedding ceremony, reception and related functions at the selected venue. The contract should also add any nonstandard changes.

?If one is conducting the ceremony, cocktails, and reception at the single venue, one should ensure if the venue has three separatesites for all of these events. 

Usually, a venue insists the use of their expensive and exclusive caterer, which should be ascertained beforehand. Sometimes, the venue may not allow non-traditional caterers like Mexican, Chinese or Thai food. If at all the venue allows this, they may charge you additionally.

It is better to be ready with the emergency contact list on the wedding day. It will come in handy if the limo driver is lost or photographer is untraceable. You can make a wedding planning schedule and carry out things one after another. It will enable you to go at a steady pace. Do not hire the vendors before you are certain of your venue. Also, do not book the band or DJ before the space at venue is finalized.

The above points need consideration before the selection of a wedding venue for smooth conduct of the wedding.


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