Tips For Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations 

Tips For Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations

It is not about fashion or righteousness anymore, it has become essential for our existence that we take some major steps in order to save nature and the environment. There are many small changes that we can bring to our daily life, which can help in protecting the environment. One such change is to stop using paper for sending out wedding invitations. There are many paperless and eco-friendly options which available these days and from which the bride and the groom can choose from. 

Besides the paperless options, there are some simple tips which, when incorporated in the designing of the wedding stationery, can help in reducing the use of paper to a great extent. Some of these tips have been discussed below:

Consolidating Inserts

In a bid to make the invitations lavish, people tend to send insert many different sheets, each of which informs the guests every big and small ceremony that will be happening at the wedding. Instead of using multiple cards for every ceremony, you can combine all the information in one sheet and thus save the paper on the printing of all the other sheets. You can hire the services of a good designer who will ensure that all the information is presented in a proper manner, so that nothing looks cluttered and at the same time all the information gets conveyed to the wedding guests. 

Mail Instead Of Post

Sending the wedding invitations through post is a long and tedious process. You not only waste a lot of paper in the process, but you also waste a lot of money and time as well. Therefore, while you can send out the main wedding invite through post, invitations for the smaller functions like a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner etc., can be sent through the email itself. 

Try Out New Seating Styles

A lot of paper gets wasted in the making of the name tags for the guests, which help them in finding their seat at the wedding. You can save the paper wasted here by coming up with innovative ideas like using ribbons on flowers with the name of the guests written on the ribbon. This will not just save paper, but will also make your guest feel more welcomed and special. Or you can simply forgo the whole trend of individual escort cards and simply ask the guests to refer to the waiters who would then guide them to their respective seats. 

Use Alternative Printing Methods

The normal ink that is used by the printers tends to have a lot more toxins present in it than a vegetable base inks. Therefore, you can request your printer, to use these soy or vegetable inks for the printing of your wedding cards and other wedding stationery. Besides, this, you can always ask your printer if he is using any other technique of printing, which would help in reducing the use of paper or help in saving the environment, then those techniques should be used, even if you have to pay a little extra for the same.


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