Tips for Giving the Perfect Wedding Toast 

Tips for Giving the Perfect Wedding Toast

You cannot avoid giving a wedding toast for your entire life. You would at some point in time find yourself in a situation, when you would have no choice but to give a beautiful toast at the wedding ceremony of a close friend or some family member. If you are someone who is not good at public speaking, this can turn into a nightmare for you. However, by keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can ensure that you are able to deliver a decent toast, and instead of making a fool of yourself, you actually end up making a pretty good impression of yourself in front of all the wedding guests and the bride and the groom. 
Below are a few very simple tips, which will help you in expressing your emotions perfectly during a wedding toast. 

Include Lines from Famous Poems

If you are not very good at writing down your feelings or expressing yourself very well in words, then the best and the safest way is to find a good poem which is close to what you wish to say at the ceremony for the marrying couple or the guest of honour and use lines from this poetry to express your feelings in your toast. 

No Need To Make Eye Contact

One of the biggest scares that one has when making these toasts is what would happen if the emotions that he or she wishes to convey does not get communicated, or worst, get communicated in the wrong way and end up upsetting the guests of honour. In order to stop yourself from getting intimidated by these thoughts, the best thing to do is to avoid eye contact with the guest of honour during your speech. You can look at them at the start of the speech and finally end your speech by looking at them, but during the speech, avoid looking at the expressions of the people around you and try to focus on something abstract. 

Do Not Used Copied Content

While it is okay to take help from the internet in writing the best wishes for the bride and the groom, copying directly from Google is just not acceptable. Use the matter from the internet, but rephrase it in your words before you say them in front of an audience. 

Manage The Length Of Your Speech

Too short a speech would not be able to form any sort of emotional connect with either the bride or the groom, nor with the other wedding guests, while a very long speech might end up boring everyone. Therefore, you need to keep the length of your speech within a reasonable limit of 5 to 10 minutes only. 

Drinking Before Toasting

There are many people who need a shot of rum or whiskey, in order to be able to gather their wits and make a perfect speech in front of people, therefore, for such people, drinking before toasting is just fine, but you need to be careful to not to wind up over drinking and making a fool of yourself in front of all the people at the wedding. 


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