Tips For Keeping Your Guests Entertained During The Sangeet Ceremony 

Tips For Keeping Your Guests Entertained During The Sangeet Ceremony

There are many pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies which take place in India. However, out of all the ceremonies that happen during a wedding, the Sangeet ceremony is the most looked forward ceremony. From the bride to the groom, from the families of the bride and the groom to all the wedding guests attending the wedding, everyone eagerly waits for this ceremony for the simple reason that this ceremony is supposed to be the most fun and entertaining ceremony. The Sangeet night is supposed to be filled with music, laughter and dance. Since the expectations of the guests with respect to this ceremony are so high, the pressure on the bride and the groom also increases to ensure that their Sangeet ceremony is extremely entertaining for the wedding guests.
Some of the ways through which you can increase the entertainment quotient in your Sangeet ceremony are as follows:

Arrange For Karaoke

There are very few people who are blessed with a throat which is musical, however, almost each one of us has a bathroom singer hidden inside us and when this singer comes out in the public, it can be extremely entertaining for the whole crowd. However, you do not want to embarrass any of your guests, but simply have a little musical fun, and therefore the best way to do that is by organizing a karaoke night. This will help in making even the worst singer in the crowd, and even the shy ones to leave their seats and participate in the events of the night and have loads of fun. 

Awards Night

We all love watching the Filmfare awards and wish to be a part of something this grand once in our life. You can make your dream come true by organizing an awards ceremony for your Sangeet night and presenting all of your family members’ awards in some hilarious categories. 

Tug Of War

The Sangeet ceremony is not just about fun, but it is also the battleground between the bride and the groom’s side where both of them compete with each other to prove which family is more talented. This mood of competition can be set right by starting or finishing the ceremony with a tug of war between the two families. This tug of war would also be something in which even those bystanders, who would not perform solo at the function, would be willing to participate in. 


This is the most traditional and yet the most fun game which is played at all weddings. However, you cannot plan an entire evening around this one game and it would be a much better idea if you use this game towards the end of the ceremony to keep the spirit of music and dance alive after all the performances have ended and giving everyone in the crowd a chance to actively participate in the Sangeet ceremony. 

Paper Dance

Add a little fun and romance in your evening by organizing a paper dance for all the couples present at the ceremony. 


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