Tips for Making Wife Happy and Improving Sex Life 

Tips for Making Wife Happy and Improving Sex Life

Sex plays a very important role in marriage. When it comes to intimacy issues between a husband and wife, most of the times the concentration is only on what the women should do in order to satisfy the man. But, the wants and desires of the women are just as important and even men need to understand these needs and make sure that they do the right stuff, to give their wives the ultimate pleasures. 

Some of the tips that can help men in improving their love life, by improving their sex life are as follows:

Listen To Her Wants

Unlike men, women can be quite vocal about their wants and desires. However, the problem is that men neither like to talk about such stuff, nor do they care to listen to their wives and know what they want. Make sure that you do not make this mistake and take out time to listen to your wife and understand what she wants from your intimate relationship, where exactly her happiness does lies.  You should understand that if you are able to satisfy her wants in bed, you can then expect her to reciprocate the same pleasures to you as well. 

Do Not Worry About the Quantity

One of the biggest worries which most of the married couples have about their sex life is that they feel that they are not getting intimate ample number of times. They feel that their sex life was much more active before marriage. In most of the cases, this thinking turns out to be a myth. Before marriage, the two of you would meet once or twice a week and therefore, even if you had sex every time you met, you were having sex only a couple of times a week. However, after marriage, since you are living together, therefore, not having sex everyday feels like there is a distance that has come up between the two of you, when in reality; you might be having more sex now than you were having before marriage. 

Compliment Her Amply

Complimenting your wife on her looks is very important. You need to make her feel beautiful both in and out of bed, in order to have a great relationship with her. You can complement her various body parts, her skin, or simply her eyes or smile just before taking her to bed and you would be able to see a marked difference in her satisfaction level in bed. 

Take Things Slow

Having sex is about getting close to your partner, and therefore, there is absolutely no need for you to rush things. Prolong the foreplay for as long as possible, since women enjoy this foreplay a lot more than the actual sex. 

Based on the nature and likings of your partner, you can try new things in bed, which can help in increasing the excitement level in your partner, thus making your sex life better. At all times you need to remember that only when you make your wife happy, will she be able to make you happy in bed. 


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