Tips for Natural Groom Skin Care Remedies 

Tips for Natural Groom Skin Care Remedies

When you think of marriage, you always think of a bride adored beautifully and the same thing applies to the groom also. But while there has been so many skin care and beauty tips as well as clinics are available for the bride or women as well, you may find very less the same for the men.  

What may be the reason; is the skin care not required for men or they are shy to take these remedies for their perfect look. When you explore deeply, you will find that the second reason is more valid. However, the skin care remedies are needed for the groom too. Keeping these things in mind there is a custom and tradition of applying turmeric on the body as a ritual.  

Here are a few tips on natural groom skin care remedies:

Moisturize the Skin

It is highly desirable that you keep your skin moisturised in order to look young. For this purpose, you may use any natural oil before, during or after bath (as per your choice and liking). The oil penetrates into the skin and supplies the necessary nutrients. 
For an oily skin, the grape seed oil and Hazelnut oil are considered the best. You may protect your skin from acne when you use these oils. For dry skin, the sunflower seed oil will be better. For better moisturising of your skin, use Jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil etc.

Cleanse the Skin

The men skin is more oiler than that of women. If you wish to cleanse your skin, keep in mind that it does not steal the natural oiliness of the skin. If your skin is slightly oilier, you may use an astringent cleanser such as Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser and remove the dirt to balance your skin. On the other hand, if you have a dry skin, then you may use a cleanser having moisturizer based. For this purpose, you may opt for Aloe Vera or coconut based cleaners. 

Protect Your Skin from Sun

Be sure that by skin remedy it does not mean that you should protect you skin from black heads, acne, dryness etc. When go out of home take precaution not to expose your face and skin directly to scorching sunlight. For protection of head and eyes; use cap or hats along with sunglasses. The comfortable shoes in place of slippers can be worn for foot protection. For other part of body such as hands, summer gloves and full sleeve clothes may be worn. 

Other Remedies

When you shave your beard, never shave bottom to top in order to have a clean shave; rather shave in direction of natural grow of hairs. 

A different but unique suggestion is to wash pillow covers regularly. It will prevent clogging the pores of your face, due to dirt falling from hairs etc. 

There can be no substitute of drinking a lot of water. Taking coffee and tea in less quantity and lesser number of times a day helps a lot in skin grooming. If you do these home based and natural remedies, the looks and personality is bound to be the best on your wedding day. The work of makeup artist and expenses on him will be less. 


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