Tips For Picking The Perfect Maid Of Honour 

Tips For Picking The Perfect Maid Of Honour

The selection of the maid of honour by the bride should be one of the decisions in a wedding, which the bride should take her time in thinking and make sure that she feels happy and correct about her decision. The responsibilities which befall the person who is selected as the maid of honour are some of the most important duties for the bride and therefore, she cannot just make anyone her maid of honour, without having the faith that the person would be able to fulfil her duties as the maid of honour completely and to the best of her abilities. 

Many times the brides come under the pressure of trying to avoid hurting the feelings of their friends and family members and end up appointing those persons as bridesmaid who do not have the capability of being one. The brides need to figure out a way to make these people understand that they cannot become her amid of honour and choose only the right candidate for the job. Some of the important points which a bride should consider when trying to select her maid of honour are as follows:

Closeness To The Person

Generally the person who gets selected for this job is the best friend of the bride. This mostly happens because it is important that the bride feel close to the maid of honour and is able to share everything with her. Therefore, if you do not have a best friend whom you can appoint as your maid of honour, or your best would not be able to make it for the wedding for some reason and you need to find another maid of honour, the first thing that you need to consider in all the candidates, is how close you are with each one of them and try to select that person, to whom you feel closest to. 

Supportive And Attentive

The job of the maid of honour entails that she carefully listens and understands every need of the bride and try to make the necessary arrangements for these wishes of the bride to come true. Therefore, you would want to appoint someone as the maid of honour who is supportive and attentive in nature. Thus, while you may be closest to your sister, if she has however just delivered a baby, she would have the tie to be attentive and supportive towards you during the entire wedding ceremony, and therefore appointing her as the maid of honour would be a big mistake. 

Emotionally Stable

The stress of planning a wedding can make you a little irritable in nature and because of the inherent fears that come with getting married; you would get emotional very easily as well. Therefore, you need your maid of honour to be emotionally strong at such times and help you get yourself together. If the maid of honour too is very emotional in nature, she might easily get offended by your tempers and may get emotional along with you, thus increasing the drama and confusion of the situation rather than helping you in resolving your feelings and handling the situation in a more practical manner. 


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