Tips for preparing Groom dance 

Tips for preparing Groom dance

The first dance at the wedding is considered to be an important part of the various wedding ceremonies. It is performed on the day of wedding and is undoubtedly a beautiful and memorable moment for the bride and the groom as well as for the guests gathered at the wedding party. The first dance is performed together by the bride and the groom, however, apart from this there are solo wedding dance performances by the bride, the groom and other close friends and family members. Dancing at your own wedding can be a daunting experience for the groom. Therefore, the tips mentioned here will help the groom in gearing himself up for his wedding dance. 

Basic Tips for Preparing the Groom Dance

Make sure to start your wedding dance rehearsals at least two months before the date of your wedding. However, if you are a trained dancer, you can start your dance practice little late. There are so many things which go into planning a wedding. Therefore it is advisable to keep substantial time at hand for learning for wedding dance moves. 

Keep your Dance Choreography Simple

It is recommended that it is always safe to keep the dance moves simple. In case you try to complicate the dance moves, there are greater possibilities of you forgetting the steps or mistaking it up. Do not attempt to carry sophisticated dance moves as it is not a dance competition you are going to perform for. It is your wedding! Your dance must be simple, well-practiced, well-choreographed, entertaining and most importantly heart touching for your bride. The main idea is to please the bride and the guests with your simple yet elegant dance moves.

Choose a Meaningful Song to Perform On

Select a song which is close to your heart and shows what you feel for your partner. Dancing on such a song will bring joy to your heart and make your partner fall for you once again. Look into the eyes of your partner while you groove on the floor. Feel the moment and dance your heart out, you would definitely succeed in making the moment most memorable for the two of you. 

Listen carefully to the music arrangements and keep in sync with the rhythm of the wedding dance song. Select a song which has the relevant beats and rhythm to dance on. 

Dress Accordingly

Pay special attention to your wedding attire and select the accessories in such a way that they complement your dance performance and also make you feel comfortable throughout the performance. You must practice for you dance wearing the same shoes you would be wearing on the day of performance. This would give you more confidence and also make you feel at ease while dancing on your wedding day. 

The dance moves must be choreographed keeping in mind the size of the stage, the number of guests and also the duration of performance. Do not keep your groom dance timings more than a minute or two as you would be performing with your bride also later and you would not want to make yourself tired before your first dance with the bride. 


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