Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Hens Party 

Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Hens Party

There is a growing trend of the friends of the bride throwing a hen party for her, which is supposed to be on the similar lines of a bachelorette party which is thrown for the groom by his friends. However, in trying to copy the boy’s party, many of the hen’s party turn out to be a complete disaster, leaving the bride feeling completely stressed out and the guests found in drunken and embarrassing state. If you do not want your hen party to meet such a disastrous fate, then you need to carefully plan your party and keep the following tips in mind:

Make The Guest List Carefully

The hen party is a personal party that you throw for the bride and although it is now-a-days considered to a part of the pre wedding ceremonies, this party is not really a part of the main wedding function and therefore, the rules which are applicable to making a guest list for the wedding do not apply to this party. The only people who should be invited to this party are those people who are really close to the bride and in whose company the bride can let her hair down, go wild and have complete fun. Another important thing to remember while making the guest list for this party is that you cannot invite any men to this party. The hen party is just for the women friends and family members of the bride.

Have A Theme To The Party

The purpose of this party is to give the bride one last wild night before she gets hooked up for life and therefore a little role play can really help in lifting up the mood of the party and making the party seem like a fantasy for the bride. You can choose any theme which you think the bride will like, from a Sex and the City theme to a Pride and Prejudice theme, anything which the bride would appreciate and really enjoy can be selected.

Make The Money Collection Transparent And Fair

Not everyone invited to the party would be comfortable spending a very high amount on the party and you do not want half the guests to back out from the party simply because they are not able to make the high contribution that you demand for the party. Therefore, the maid of honour should be made responsible for collecting the money from the guests and the guests should be given the option to contribute proportionately for the party, based on the level of participation they wish to have in the party. Therefore, the guests can either participate in just one of two events of the party or pay less, rather than pay for all the activities and having to pay a very high amount for the same. 

Time The Party Well

The hen party is generally held just before the main wedding date or maybe just a few days before the wedding day. In either case, the bride has a lot of work on her hand that she has to complete and reach her wedding looking fresh, so you need to carefully plan the timing of the party. 


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