Tips For Time Starved Married Life 

Tips For Time Starved Married Life

In the day to day busy schedule of life, when the married couples tend to travel life at a break neck speed then the emotional, loving, caring touch also demises slowly and slowly. Is that you hoped your marriage to be like? Does it seem that your happy marriage commitment has been pushed down and the list of priority has shifted due to your busy schedule? When marriage is strong, you have happy family and that’s what makes life peaceful and lays the foundation of happy married life. In the middle of busy schedule career, activities, children and headaches of all life busy things turn out to have a disappearing connection with your spouse. 
Here are some tips to rescue a time starved marriage:

There may be many reasons behind this time starving married life but neglecting their high priority life event, the necessity of life which is one and only the sacred and unique bond of love and marriage. But in the day to day busy schedule of life you can still maintain the hygiene of life by following tips:

  • The morning tea and good bye greeting: It still quite romantic to have a morning tea with your spouse with the good morning kiss, which helps you to sustain emotions with your spouse. By the time you get home, do you greet your spouse? Just try to call her by a specific loving name that you only call her along with a greeting of kiss or hug which makes the surrounding romantic and beyond all the busy schedule marriage turns out to be working one.

  • Communication: Communication is the key to happy marriage. Try to gather time to have a talk with your spouse without any interruption like children, phone call or other diversions. Try to make physical contacts as well like a gentle touch over head with a splash of personal talk, opinions, beliefs and ideas about any topic or future.

  • Date you spouse: It does not matter if you have a happy marriage and happy family. Dating rituals are very important to be scheduled as it regulates the circulation of romance, emotion, care and commitment freshly. Go for a weekend date, candle light romantic dinner and movie. 

  • Complimenting your spouse: Complementing your spouse means sincere encouragement for love and marriage which works to maintain balance, confidence in relationship, increased self-worth and embellished the bond of love and care in a relationship.

  • Play with your spouse: It may sound funny but have a pinch of friendship in your relationship of marriage. Friendship works to demise unintentional rudeness and taking grant of relationship. Try to have gatherings and plays that embellishes your memory, treat each other in a polite way and share your views and opinion just as you do with your friend.
Married couples running out of balance with their relationship of marriage due to dual tier priorities make them swallow time in the busy schedule of life. Married couples should try to take out time and recognize the importance of happy family and the motive of love and marriage to devote more time in developing trust and living for each other in life.      


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