Tips on How to Save For Your Dream Wedding 

Tips on How to Save For Your Dream Wedding

Every girl and boy has a dream about how they wish to have their wedding. From their glamorous wedding dress to some amazing wedding locations and decorations, each one of us has dreams about that perfect wedding. However, organizing a perfect wedding can prove to be a big drain on your pockets. Therefore, it is important that one starts to save money for this dream wedding well in advance. 

The job of saving money for a wedding may sound like an easy task, but the fact is that if one does not have a proper savings plan in mind, saving money for the dream wedding can become a difficult task. Below are a few tips which can help you in arranging funds for your perfect wedding. 

Start Saving As Soon As You Start Earning

Most of the youngsters feel that they would start saving for their wedding only after they meet their life partner or after the fixing of the wedding date. Before that they can use their money to have some fun in life. This is a very wrong thinking process, especially when you consider the rising cost of average weddings every year. The cost of throwing a simple wedding reception has increased four to five times over the last decade and therefore, you need to have a solid savings plan in place in order to have the necessary funds available when you finally do decide to get married, or else, you would find yourself borrowing money from family and friends for having a dream wedding. Hence, start saving for the wedding, immediately as you start earning. 

Prioritize The Wedding

There are numerous wedding ceremonies involved in a typical wedding. Every ceremony does have a certain significance attached to it, but not all of these ceremonies are compulsory to be held. Therefore, you need to make a list of the various ceremonies involved in a wedding and then prioritize these weddings from the ones that just have to be held to those which you can skip incase the wedding budget exceeds your planned budget. It is better to skip a few ceremonies, rather than to have each and every ceremony and compromise on the quality of the ceremony. 

Make A Tentative Budget

Of course your final budget will depend upon the costs present at that time, but it is always good to have a tentative budget in mind, based on which you can make your savings plan. The budget can be made on the basis of the current costs, for example, you can estimate that if you wish to invite a certain number of wedding guests to your wedding tomorrow, how much you would have to spend. Once you have this figure in mind, you can every year extrapolate on this figure ad make the necessary adjustments in it, based on your increased earning and saving capacity and the increased cost of living. This budgeting will help you in staying prepared for an immediate wedding at all times. 

Besides this, the final cost of the wedding will depend on your negotiation skills and ability to know where to cut costs without compromising on the quality of the wedding. 


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