Todays Women 

Although today women is considered as equals with men but her position and importance always vary from different cultures. Every culture has its own set of definition and duties enlisted for women and various women issues. Some pray her and worship her while others just consider her as an asset. For some she is just a marriage material but for some she is their dream. Daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt and many more she has many different-different roles to play in for this society and world and she has to best in every one of them. 
An insight in Hinduism
There are also various duties that the Hinduism enlists for typical Hindu women. And being a female she is brought up with a lot of love and care.  As a small child she is guarded and protected by her father and brothers. Some do get a chance receive academic education and some don’t. Moreover this flaw in society is always covered by the realms of protection for her. As a child she has to be obedient and learning. She has to contribute in home tasks and be a perfectionist in them.
Duties of typical Hindu women
As a married person in Hinduism, she then has to serve her husband and his family. She than has to be all it takes to make the family prosper and happy. Also she is considered responsible for contributing to the family and takes the generation forward. She has to bear a lot more than she should as it is considered as her duty to do so. She is often considered the only person to nature the future generations. She has to be respectful to everyone and treat everyone with affection and care. She has to fully conversant in various religious practices and it is considered her duty to be fully aware of them and women spirituality is just misjudged. She also has to be an expert and perfectionist in every household chore and is often mistaken with the care taker of the house. She has to be a cook, cleaner and everything her family demands.
We need a change
She has the job of pleasing her husband and his family and sometimes even dress up to make them happy. It is her job to love, protect and nurture her kids and take their care. In all from the day she is born it is considered her duty to dedicate and sacrifice herself for everybody and be an all-rounder. She has to be spiritual and follow all religious rituals for her husband and family where no excuse is considered for women spirituality. 
Also there are various historical heritage figures who have laid the foundation of duties in Hinduism which women have to follow and believe in where women issues were totally avoided. But as the time goes on and on these practices have changed face and are still going through changes. Also modern time has made women today more powerful and aware of women issues. Moreover today people consider women equal and capable to take load of their dreams and prove her. Today women stand equal and forward with men in every possible branch that can exist. Today she demands respect and gives same with love and affection.


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