Top 05 Food Catering Vendors in Delhi-NCR 

Top 05 Food Catering Vendors in Delhi-NCR

Catering the best food for the wedding , is prime concern of the people requiring lavishly delicious food for The big day. Regardless of the hectic schedules and rarely end up eating the food catered, the comments on them are inevitable. The delicacies you specially concentrate on and the menu you cater for, largely , rather entirely depend on the catering services, ranging from kerala, ilalian to Indian and south india, coastal cuicines. Moreover the shrilankan are not exceptional. The Chinese, shrilankan and Asian foods and sea food including sushi are highly accepted now a days.

The Supper Club

Chefs & [email protected] Chattarpur, Chhatarpur, New Delhi
Phone: +91.98100.11161
Name: Ankit Duggal

Specialize in- Kerala, Italian, Mediterranean, Barbeque, Coastal, Sri Lankan cuisines

Talking less about Supper club is not judicious, As they are a group of catering company, whose prime concern is to provide the committed dining experience with, planning ingredients, décor, ambience service and anything else contributing immensely in your event. The catering professionals are those passionate foodies, which spend their leisure time chasing down food trails around the world and provide for something special always. The special menu provided and the tastes are beyond comparison of any other catering vendors, making them in the good books of those having experienced previously.

Their prime concern is to deliver promisingly something unique by  the concerned chef- savar, who can conceptualize unique menus with perfect specialization  in coastal Indian and shri  lankan flavours. No event is a casual phenomenon as they cater the best requirement of weddings, parties, lunches, BBQs, picnics, breakfasts, sit down dinners and anything else you want to plan. 

Price around 1600 rupees INR per head 

Food Inc Catering by Yum Yum Tree

Chefs & [email protected] Gurgaon
Phone: +91.98100.77020
Name: Varun Tuli

Chinese, Coastal, Mexican, North Indian, Awadhi, Lebanese, Kerala, Kashmiri, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Goan, French, Pan Asian, Pizza

Yum yum tree specializes in assorted dim sims, different types of chaat with an inventive twist, stone oven pizzas and sushi. Basically Run by varun tulli, and excelled previously in pan asian delicacies at the Yum Yum Tree and Yum Yum cha restaurants. Not only does they specialize as aforementioned, but also in north Indian menu as well.
They require 65% of the cash to be deposited before getting the order to be done.

Price :- 2500 per person onwards

Minimum Order: 1,00,000
Mentioned In: Our Favourites, Our Network Recommendations, News Publications, Social Media Groups
Services: Large Orders, Trained Chef for Hire, Service & Wait Staff, Bartending Services
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The Kitchen Art Company

Chefs & [email protected] Jaunapur, New Delhi
Phone: +91.98100.11678, +91.97170.93535
Name: Puneet Sikand
Continental, Chinese, British, Pure Vegetarian, Kulfi, Andhra, Ice Cream, Spanish, Modern Indian, Pan Asian, Marwari, Mexican, Mediterranean, Mughlai, Kashmiri, Japanese, South Indian, Italian, Hyderabadi, Greek, Gujarati, French

Prime focus on robust flavors along with impeccable presentation for everything what helps him standing head and shoulder above the other famous caters of new Delhi. Serving unique blend of cuisines and starters like as of prawn and other crab like appetizers. They don’t believe in loading the tables with average fillers. This was especially delightful when it came to the dessert spread, which is often a weak spot for caterers
the kitchen art company caters in a variety of Indian cuisines  lke continental, misddle eastern and variety of others. Getting inspired from the traditional and regional cuisines, they travel in order to have the best personalized blend of cuisines. Their serving concepts are memorable.

Price: Around 1600 onwards per head
Minimum Order: 50,000
Mentioned In: Our Favourites, Our Network Recommendations, News Publications, Social Media Groups
Services: Large Orders, Service & Wait Staff, Bartending Services
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Chefs & [email protected] Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Phone: +91.85270.60555
Name: Alice Helme and Alice Wauchope (Events Manager)
Vietnamese, Italian, European, Mediterranean, Modern Indian

For high quality European food with clean flavours, CAARA stands out from the crowd, being a leader in providing fabulous service of every kind, impressive plating and impeccable cuisines. Rigorous training provided to staff caters the entire needs, with modern , contemporary décor and unique menu. The ingredients used by them are of superior quality with proper FDA approval . the variety of constituents with fresh aroma and taste is their main factor.

The master chef – Alice is specializing in wild mushroom truffle Mac n’cheese and the salted caramel chocolate profiteroles and many more , thus ensuring the taste buds to feel fantastic and lipsmacking preparations provide the best palatability.

To have culinary lessons, restaurant consultancy is opened for you with th e fast food that’s best for you in regard to taste and ingredients. Moreover, they offer, café at british council in delhi.

Price: 2500 onwards per person
Minimum Order: 40,000 or Minimum 15 people
Mentioned In: Our Favourites, Our Network Recommendations, News Publications, Social Media Groups
Services: Large Orders, Trained Chef for Hire, Service & Wait Staff, Bartending Services
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Diva Catering

Chefs & Caterers
Phone: +91.98114.64051, +91.11415.53454, +91.11292.15673, +91.99100.55835
Name: Sonali
Regional Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Lebanese, Coastal, Turkish, Thai, Swiss, Italian, Modern Indian

Diva catering has been in graceful and loyal service for a decade , providing intimate sit down dinners along with large parties above 500 people.. The consistency and the excellent food service has made them in the good books of thousands of the people. Their delicious Italian and continental regional Indian food and pan asian fare has amazing innovative tastes. Buffet recommendations include Chicken Cafreal Curry, Achammma Lamb Curry, Mini Pizza, Mini Pancake, Saboodana Vada, Lamb Skewers, Carrot Cake with Saffron among others. 

Price- Around ?1600 onwards per head
Minimum Order:  35000
Mentioned In: Our Favourites, Our Network Recommendations, News Publications


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