Top 10 Trendy Lehenga Colours For Brides This Wedding Season 

Top 10 Trendy Lehenga Colours For Brides This Wedding Season

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It goes without saying that the traditional outfits are always the preferred choice for the brides. Regardless of the beauty of western dresses, the one with cultural tinge are always preferred. Similarly, the lehanga, which is the best bridal attire, is preferred by almost every Indian bride. Howecer, if we put a glance over the colour choices, that our gorgeous bride make these days for their wedding lehanga, they are not restricted to the traditional colours like pink, maroon, red, anymore. Rather, the brides are seen making some experimental, exciting and innovative choices.So, for all the soon –to-be-brides, the fabulous range of colours can be the preferred choice over the red pink colours. 
1. Thunderous Tangerine

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the hybrid of gold and red, brown , maroon , called as tasty tangerine beats perfectly the ritualistic taste. The gold colour can further be replaced by toasted almond. Many actress and celebrities have already weared this on their wedding. The lehanga with beautiful work in dull gold, and the subtle dupatta is just balancing the outfit perfectly well.
2. Majestic Blue


The blue colour has always been the indication of confidence and the reliability.You along with your matched suited groom can exhibit your panache on your day of wedding in your royal blue. You can also try something exciting like gold, maroon and beige with this colour to create a truly classic combination. Whats more, the stylish coloured attires of both of you can be a miraculous outfit to draw more attention of the people.
3 Custard Curious 

This is a soothing colour yet another tasteful option for all those brides, who like to keep their wedding look subtle. And, all those brides who are not sure of donning this subtle colour on their wedding day, here is the solution. You can team it up with right amount of bling or other dark shades, like black, orange, red, etc. 
4. Refreshing Green

Lucite green is very stylish and the beautiful colour. The lehenga in this colour can be easily tempted and the perfect combination of green with any other shade of your choice. Besides, this is a cool pick if your wedding is slated during summers or even monsoons. It certainly will leave a refreshing minty ‘after taste’! 
 5. Marvellous Marsala

From the family of red, Marsala is another bold colour for your wedding lehenga. Glamorous, rich, tasteful and earthy– this is what it stands for. And, as the colour itself is sufficient to create a style statement, you can go minimal in terms of the embellishments and embroidery work. So, just try a lehenga in the graceful fabrics like satin or velvet, and let this glamorous colour do the talking. You can even team it up with other favourites of the season like, glacier grey and classic blue. 
6. Glorious Grey


Generally , grey is not considered as the colour to be weared on your wedding. But the icy version of the same can be best option for you. The yellow, blue or any other colour, when added can bring the positivity of festivals and the celebration. These colours will provide a striking contrast and will definitely make some heads turn owing to your unconventional choice of colour! 
7. Surreal Aquamarine :


Auamarine has spell bounding effect and the mesmerizing look of the same can steal the moment.. needless to say, the ethereal aura of the same would create a vibrating effect and would leave effects like of breath of fresh air and has the calming effect. 
8.  Sensuous Strawberry

The loud pink spectrum, though outdated, leaves no better effect, but if the subtlies of the pink colour is converted into the maroon color, the same would leave classy , refreshing and the radiating effect. The grey or cool blue can be the best option for it.
9. Terrific Almond

One look at a toasted almond lehenga will just tempt you to look at it again. Agreed that this colour is mellow, yet it succeeds in creating an impact that is difficult to ignore. So, if you are thinking of choosing a neutral colour, then this is another great option you have apart from glacier grey. 
10. Bubbly Blue

For all our cool brides, scuba blue is just perfect for all of you to show your bubbly and chirpy side. This refreshing colour can simply set the party mood. And, to set yourself apart from the crowd, do wear this cool colour in combination with either metallic shades (bronze, gold and silver) or any deep hues of red (maroon, hot pink, wine, etc). 


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