Top 10 Wedding Fights Engaged Couples Have and How To Avoid Them 

Top 10 Wedding Fights Engaged Couples Have and How To Avoid Them

The marriage is meant for a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Every boy or girl has this ambition. But this does not happen the always. When the couple are engaged and marriage planning is started, there may arise difference of opinions that lead to arguments between the engaged couples. It is highly desirable that you learn to avoid such arguments and fights otherwise the relation may turn to be sour forever. 

Here a few fights of engaged couples that you may avoid.

Discussion About Past 

If anyone of you knows about the past life of the other, you need not to discuss and make your sweet relationship sour. Whatever happened in past is gone and now you are the best person of your life. Build trust and blossom your relationship. 
Discussion about Future
Be sure that you are going to make a family after marriage and certainly you will have future generations or kids too. At the same time, the priorities of life of both the partners are also to be met. Decide the priorities with calm and cool mind. Don


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