Top 20+ Ideas Of Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom Family 

Top 20+ Ideas Of Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom Family

"Wedding Gifts for Bride & Groom" - Wedding is a special occasion that marks the grand celebration time for the couple tying the knot for life; while the family members are joyous and busy adhering to the pious customs and hospitality towards the guests. Exchanging pleasantries and gifts is another important tradition during every wedding and if we talk of India, people are buoyant at the novel choices that are today available in the market. is a portal dedicated to wedding vendors and it also lists the best ones specializing in wedding gifts in your city. Browsing through their gaudy showcases, we found the following top 20 wedding gifts for bride and groom and their family members. Have a look on these and find out your resonances!


Love him forever!


Wedding Gift India


Custom mugs and such other products have found appeal among the youth. The one shown in picture signifies a warm feeling of love. You can get any love quote printed on a coffee mug and make it a unique gifting option for your man. Leading vendors at also offer to add date of the wedding and pictures like that of dancing couple or even your pictures to make it more personalized. It is like a souvenir for life.


A photo frame


Wedding Gifts for Friend


Photo frames are among the popular wedding gifts for friend. Available in varied styles and makes, these are really good addition to any ambience while also letting one to put up photos on display. The most demanded photo frames are those that have in built functionality like that of backlit panel as a night decoration or musical output or such others. Those made in colored glass are the most beautiful ones.


Traditional lucky charm


Wedding Gift


Such products are culture bound and can be selected as per appropriateness rather than by glare alone! In every society, there are icons and symbols that are considered auspicious and worthy and thus can be offered as wedding gifts. This artwork carries the brass made lucky tree with an owl bird and lots of lucky stones embedded all over. You can choose from thousands of such options including laughing Buddha, the banyan tree and many more.


Wedding Gifts in Delhi


A pack of rarer condiments and spices



Wedding Gifts India




Everyone loves flavors and spices and condiments are the prized additions to any exotic food preparation. Gifting a pack of rare spices, herbs and condiments could be a really unique choice and would be greeted as novelty.




Forest honey jars




Wedding Gifts for Couple




A pack of wild and specialty honeys like the one shown above fits well as wedding gifts for couples and also for your guests. These are rarer and unique too, for gifting as wedding favors. Also, honey can be kept for fairly long time without degeneration so it is like souvenir.




Colorful candy gift packs




Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom




Traditional candies have been always cherished and every region has its specialty. You can choose from among the age old authentic tastes of your land or can also gift the celebrated choices from other cultures around the world.




Love bands




Wedding Gifts for Couple




Among wedding gifts for bride and groom, the love bands are the trending choice. These are available in steels, platinum and silver and carry leather or AD decorations. These can be also customized with wedding date.




Customized tableware and accessories




Wedding Gifts for Groom






Choose from whole range of table ware such as salt and pepper shakers and get them customized with artwork or pictures or the wedding compliments and date. These could be fine wedding gifts for groom and bride and for the family guests.




Artistic gel candles




Wedding Gifts




Gel candles are available in plentitudes of art designs and offer to add fine aesthetic value to any ambience. Hence these can be offered as wedding gifts together with custom signatures that are provided on request.




Fresh fruits basket




Wedding Gift for Friend




Traditional wedding gifts India choices have been fruits and sweets and these have continued till age, because most consider them auspicious for an occasion like wedding. You can also choose to add rare tropical fruits in your basket!




Accessories with custom wedding quotes




Wedding Gift for Bride and Groom




Key rings and such other products of personal use can be beautifully customized on request. You can choose to put your wedding date or couple names or a love quotation and gift it as a memento.




Cosmetics gifts box




Wedding gifts for girls




Nothing can be better wedding gifts for girls than a quality cosmetics assortment. They would definitely love it and use it happily while admiring your choice. You can choose a unique cosmetics gift bag with your wedding date and names printed on it.




Memento jewelry for your sister




Wedding Gifts for Sister




This heart shaped pendant and locket speaks of the love for a sister and is thus among the perfect wedding gifts for sister! Such jewelry could be ordered in silver or other metals as per one’s budget and fancies.




Perfume gift packs




Wedding Gifts for Couple




Perfumes could be fine gifting options as wedding favors. These are much cherished icons of personal use and grooming and delight everyone. However, you should take care to choose the right perfume as per the liking of the person whom you are gifting one.




Chocolate hampers




Wedding Gifts for Family




Chocolates are favorites of everyone and especially the young. You can offer your guests and relatives chocolate gift hampers that come well packed by the noted brands and contain complete assortment of the finest blends.




Specialty coffees




Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom




Special coffees and blends are available in dedicated gift packs. You can offer these as unique wedding favors which promise the finest tastes and aromas through the famed brands.




A wristwatch




Wedding Gifts for Men




Among the wedding gifts for men, watches score the top. There are plenty of choices available in market and in every budget! Do your research and calculations and select a worthy one that is decent and reliable.




Gifts for your Best Man




Wedding Gifts for Men




Best Man is your special ally throughout your wedding and hence he needs to be presented a unique gift. Choose from the trendy options like the one shown above that contains a wallet, a set of cufflinks and some accessories.




A bullion coin




Wedding Gifts India




Gold and silver have been always the top choices when it comes to wedding and ornaments. Gold coins and deities are also therefore gifted as wedding favors and accepted as the most precious!




Dry fruits gift packs




Wedding Gifts for Family




Dry fruits are the all time favorites when it comes to gifting including during weddings. You can shop from variety of options as per your budget and suitability. Ranging from the common dry fruits to rarer pine nuts and hazelnuts, the assortment could be really variegated.



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