Top 5 wedding photographers in Bangalore are here! 

Top 5 wedding photographers in Bangalore are here!

Wedding photography services have developed fine professionalism; courtesy to the skills and passions of the leading shutterbugs who found the techniques to capture the wedding moments at their best! Bangalore finds a rich concentration of such wedding photographers about whom we have discussed below.


Did you ever find the reason as why the earliest experiments in photography found super resonances with the society? First of all, it was sort of novelty for the people and the same was related to the ability to preserve the charmed and happy moments of life and family for ever. Thus the traditional concept of preserving the sweet memories in mind alone was replaced by the real pictures! Magical! Isn’t it?


Best Indian Wedding Photographers

For people like you and me, this could sound pretty weird! And why not; we carry the smart cams now in our pockets and most of us have become shutterbugs at will any time & everywhere! This is of course the striking distinction as the affinities developed with the photography still continue! Professional wedding photographers are now a distinguished lot who carry the specialized skills and frontline cams to deliver finesse each time as and when their client demands.


Portrait photography or pre wedding photoshoot or candid wedding photography are only few of their specializations and they continue to mesmerize their customers with newer concepts and orientations in this profession. Looking for the top Indian wedding photographer in Bangalore and broadly India, I stumbled upon fewer choices only; and these were all forwarded to me by my trusted peers and friends. Let’s have a look on their portfolio and what are their specialties!


Ravi Kumar Traditional Wedding Photographer

A candid and traditional wedding photography specialist and with more than five years of experience at his credit, he is now a name of trust and worth in this profession. His passion for photography led him to develop concepts that have been accepted as the art forms by others.


pre wedding photos


pre wedding photoshoot

Counted among the best destination wedding photographer in Bangalore, he is known for the finest choice of the pre wedding shoot locations and adopting such concepts that generate a charmed souvenir for life.

pre marriage photography


Pre Wedding photography


Neeta Shankar Indian Wedding Photographer

Based in Bangalore, Neeta Shankar has been an engineer turned photographer and now she is a noted name in the segment of wedding photography! Her skills in candid photography are unmatched as she is able to capture the simple yet unique moments that lay scattered in your wedding functions. With Neeta, you are assured of a beautiful collection of memories for life!


engagement photography


destination wedding photographer


candid wedding photographer


pre wedding shoot locations


Creative Chisel Candid Wedding Photographer

Creative Chisel specializes as a leading candid wedding photographer in Bangalore! His candid photography speaks through the expressions that depict a value and fervor for your wedding. You can literally read the happiness on the faces as he captures the best of the moments which despite being simple and anonymous are very special for you!


candid wedding photography


famous portrait photographers


pre marriage photography


Pre Wedding photography


Studio Vaibhav by Wedding Cinematography

With five years of experience in wedding photoshoots, Studio Vaibhav is a banner of trust and quality. Based in Bangalore, Viabhav and team specialize in traditional and candid wedding photography and cinematography services. His services as a wedding photographer is a mark of satisfaction, as his customers always put him as the best!


engagement photography in bangalore


top wedding photographers in bangalore


famous portrait photographers in bangalore


best Indian wedding photographers in bangalore


Siddharth Sharma Destination Wedding Videographer


A surreal style specialist, Siddharth Sharma of Bangalore offers very premium wedding photography services which mark the frontline standards of this profession around the world. Constant polishing of the skills and adoption of the novel concepts to suit the occasion and demand has led him to excel past others!



pre wedding photoshoot


pre wedding photoshoot package


Professional Wedding Photographer in Bangalore


Destination Wedding Photographer in Bangalore


Top Indian wedding photographers in Bangalore


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