Top bridal make up artists in Delhi 

Top bridal make up artists in Delhi

Wedding is really once in life time event for most of the people. The craze for the same regarding the makeup and attires, like wearing wedding lehanga, is mostly seen in case of the bride , where they never refrain themselves from sparing so big part of their life in preparing and booking the vendors for the same. The best outlook is ensured by the right kind of make up too. The makeup artists, with the skill and talent of their profession bring grace and unforgettable glory to the groom. No one can deny the role of perfect makeup artist. They have amazing power of converting the simple looking girl to a gorgeous queen, which can seek appreciation of the all and sundry. 

It seems quite easy to find a makeup artist but extremely tough to find a talented and skilled one , who would bring everyone’s  attraction attention to the beautiful bride. Here we are going to provide you with the right kind of makeup vendors, which are known in the region by their gorgeous work of creativity and the perfection. Let’s have the look over the same while you are busy with your wedding preparation.

- Shruti Sharma. 

The right kind of bridal glow , with the perfect beauty of the bride is the key crieteria of Shruti Sharma, who subtly enhances the features of the bride’s eye and the lips. Understanding the basic, fundamental requirement of the bridal glow , we aim to work on providing the stunning look, with utmost perfection. Gorgeous look for the best day of your life.

The classic look by any artist is appreciated in photography as well as in the reality, As the trends in vogue are always changing and the photographs would remain classic and relevant only when the makeup is provided in a classic manner. So , sticking with someone who can fulfil your requirement can be the best for you.

- Tejasvini Chander

After seeking ionternational qualification overseas, from one of the renowned institute, tejaswini chander became the trend settler in the profession. Her skills and talents are best seen on models, brides and a contemporary cum glamrous approach is ensured. Their make ups are best described as fresh , flawless and clean. She is a part of the new generation of makeup artists in India that are

able to create everything from cutting edge contemporary to classically chic

Tejasvini is a young artist who was trained in hair and makeup at some of the most sought after schools internationally. She has become indispensable to the designer’s magazine editors and most favourite among the brides-to-be.
TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Tejasvini Chander

Make up artistic skills not alone but the perfect blend of professionalism along with flexibility must be looked after in a artist to have the desired kind of outlook along with the required love and appreciation to remain really happy and stress free. 

- Guru Makeup Artist (Gursewak)

Well, the guru, being the perfect mentor. Deserves the appreciation of being the guru due to the perfection along with confidant delivery of every kind in t.v serials. , films, magazines, and at every bigger platforms. The instinctive ability to create cutting edge contemporary to classically chic, has made him polpular amnong photographers and clients too. 

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Gursewak: 

Getting into the details of the desired things along with the confidence of the decision, regardless of the pictures. Make sure you are comfortable enough with the artist.

- Chandni Singh

The learnt and the taught talent really deserves appreciation, where the passiona of doing something gets joined with the right kin of training. Chandini singh is an exception of self taught makeup artist , working for the last ten years. The exceptional hair style and fabulous skills are observed with her special emphasis on the eyes. Being so experienced, she provides her valuable experience to the students and ladies, requiring the workshops for day to day make up skills.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Chandni Singh: 

Every artis is unique in the way of their distinction. The requirement must be sought after finding out the perfection and the best point of the stylist, so thtat you can seek the best and the perfect services for your Shaddi.

Sakshi Sagar

Sakshi sagar  - a renowned name with brands like MAC and presently serving as guest faculty at the pearl academy of fashion is known inevitably for her jubilant works, with tremendous experience and the zenith of the perfection.

“The uniqueness in my work comes from the grass roots where my brush was given craftsmanship, says Sakshi Sagar”.

She has worked for some famous celebrities like Tania Sachdev, Ruby Dhalla, Rashmi Uday Singh, some of the designers like Mayyur Gitora, SOLTEE, and magazines like Marie Claire. Apart from all these, creating beautiful brides is her passion.

TIP for the ‘bride to be’ by Sakshi Sagar: always choose the best artist that can cater your needs along with the best look..!


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