Top Reasons For Ending A Relationship 

Top Reasons For Ending A Relationship

Being in a relationship supposed to make you feel special. However, if you are feeling tied down or claustrophobic in the relationship, if being in love with this other person has made you stop loving your own self, then maybe you are not a part of a healthy relationship and it would be much better if you ended things between the two of you. 

Besides the fact that the love and understanding between the partners becomes less, there are many reasons which justify the ending of a relationship. Some of the top reasons which justify ending a relationship immediately, have been discussed below:

Physical Abuse

No matter how big a fight you and partner may have gotten into and irrespective of the fact who is right and who is wrong in the argument, no partner has the right to physically abuse the other partner. Therefore, if you find yourself in a relationship, where your partner believes that he or she has the right to hit you physically, or is not able to control his or her temper and ends up hitting up, then you need to move out of that relationship immediately. Love cannot compensate for physical abuse and if you do not opt out of this relationship soon, you would find yourself in a much worse position very soon. 

Emotional And Mental Abuse

Many people feel that since, unlike in the case of physical abuse, which can pose a threat to the life of a person, in the case of an emotional or mental abuse, the risk to life is less, therefore, it is not a good enough reason for seeking an out in a relationship. However, the problem of emotional and mental abuse is just as serious a problem as the problem of physical abuse and thus, if you find yourself stuck in such a relationship, you must immediately find ways to end that relationship. 


Everyone makes mistakes and if you think that your partner, cheating on you is a onetime mistake for which he or she is extremely guilty and you can trust them in the future, then maybe you can stay on in the relationship, but if your partner is a chronic cheater and you know that in the future, it is never going to stop or you will never be able to trust him or her, then being in a relationship where there is no trust is pointless and you must immediately get out of that relationship. 


When you love someone, becoming slightly possessive about them is natural. However, if your partner is overly possessive about you and this nature of his or her is curbing or destroying your personality, then you need to end the relationship immediately. People with such over possessive nature slowly graduate into physical abuse as well, especially when you do not do things as per their wishes. Therefore, before you go through the pain of physical, emotional and mental abuse, it is better to end the relationship early. 

A relationship is supposed to be your support system, with the help of which you grow in life, but if your relationship is actually hindering this growth of yours, then you know that you are in a wrong relationship. 


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