Top Reasons Which Can Kill Any Relationship 

Top Reasons Which Can Kill Any Relationship

When any relationship is new, both the partners try hard to impress each other and therefore, show a lot of interest in the likes and dislikes of the other person. The priority in the initial stages of any relationship is the happiness of the other partner. However, as time passes and we start to take our relationships for granted, the priority shifts back to our own self and our own desires and conveniences. As a result of this, the love and understanding between couples decrease and they start to hurt each other feelings, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. While some couples are able to deal with these hiccups and find a way to respectfully and lovingly accommodate the other partner in their life, some couples are just not able to deal with the pressures of being in a relationship and hence end up causing so much pain to the other person that eventually the relationship only dies. 

Some of the major issues which can kill any relationship are as follows;

Problems in Communication

Whether it is the relationship of a husband and a wife or that of a boss and his employee, if communication between two people is not good, the relationship can never be successful. The basis of all good relationships is effective communication. Therefore, it is quite obvious, that couples who are not able to communicate their feelings, desires, expectations and wishes to each other, end up in a relationship which slowly decays with time and eventually dies a painful death. 


If you are not sure that you would be ready to spend your entire life, loving just one person then it is better that you make no such promise by getting married. Marriage is a promise that both the partners who are entering into this relationship are going to have a mutually exclusive relationship. Hence, when any one of the partner decides to cross the line and engage in an illicit relationship with someone else, then it automatically breaks the very basis of the marriage and therefore, the end of the relationship is quite obvious. 

Money Matters

In a perfect or a fairy tale world, love and money may not have any connection, but unfortunately, in real life, money matters have a deep influence on relationships.  If the partners are not able to fulfil the monetary desires or expectations of each other, be it in terms of earning, saving or spending, things are bound to get ugly between the couple. It is, therefore, suggested that couples should discuss their monetary situations truthfully with each other before getting married. 

Past Relationships

Everyone has a past and till the time this past stays in the past, everything is fine, but if this past starts to interfere in your present life, you will start to have problems in your married life. Therefore, it is better to break off all ties and friendships with your ex-girlfriends, instead of trying to make your wife understand that your ex-girlfriend does not mean anything to you in your current life except just a friend. 


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