Top Tips to Avoid Winter Cold before Your Wedding Day 

Top Tips to Avoid Winter Cold before Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning is usually accompanied with great stress for the bride. Preparing for the winter wonderland wedding brings in more factors to watch out for. All the brides to be dread the idea of catching cold just before their wedding day. Research shows that when a person is in stress, he or she is more vulnerable to catch an infection due to decrease in the immunity level of the body under stress. In case of winter wedding favours, it is very likely that the brides are going through a lot of stress. Therefore to avoid catching cold so that the bride does not end up appearing with a red nose on her wedding day, the below mentioned tips must be followed.

Drinking hot fluids/ green tea:

Keeping the body hydrated with hot fluids, especially green tea helps in improving the immune system. Green tea detoxifies the body and thus prevents getting infected. To avoid cold, drink at least 3-4 cups of green tea throughout the day. Try to avoid adding milk or sugar in the green tea. Prepare it in a cup of hot water and relax yourself while relishing it. That’s when it works the best for the body.

Eating healthy food items:

Include healthy foods like cabbage, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, etc. help in boosting the immune system. If the immunity of the body is boosted up, it is very unlikely that the person can get down with any cold or flu or any other infection.

Follow a healthy workout regime:

The workout must be planned in such a way that excessive physical stress on the body is avoided. Physical stress works against the immune system and therefore makes the person more vulnerable to catch cold. Try to incorporate a balanced fitness regime accompanied with healthy diet plan.

Winter wedding dress:

Try selecting the most appropriate wedding dress for winter wedding so that you do not catch cold just after your wedding. Select the winter wedding dress which makes you look attractive and at the same time keep you covered and protected from cold. None of the newly wedded bride would want to get down with cold on her honeymoon.

Relax and meditate to reduce stress:

As has been mentioned earlier, stress work towards bringing down the immune system. While planning for the winter wedding ideas, try not to take excessive mental or physical stress. Take out some time to meditate and relax. Get ample amount of sleep. All these factors work towards boosting the immune system. If the immune system is strong, the chances of getting an infection are very bleak. 


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