Top Tips to Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue 

Top Tips to Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue

Choosing the wedding venue will be one of the biggest decisions as an engaged couple. So it is always good to consider your options and start discussing with your partner for booking a better venue. The venue you pick will determine number of guests you will invite, the location of your wedding and theme of your wedding too. If the right wedding planning is done it is easy to choose the wedding venue. While you are planning for wedding it is always prior to finalise your budget to wedding you would afford. There are so many different options from manor house to stand alone tipis for everyone’s budget, the only thing you have to do is just to make decisions. 

Main things you have to consider before choosing a venue

  • Decide the type of wedding you want and set a budget that you can afford. Discuss with your partner for the type of wedding venue

  • If she likes to go for exclusivity then go for the costlier one for your dream wedding like country court wedding venues. If you want more options related to wedding venue take the wedding help from your friends and family members

  • Plan a date prior for your wedding to book the venue as soon as possible. Basically wedding venues are booked before 12 to 18 months prior to make all the arrangements easily. So booking the wedding venue as soon as possible is the most important aspect 

  • Check whether the wedding date is available with the venue manager, because during peak seasons like summer wedding seasons it is so difficult to get the vacancy in wedding venues

Planning for your wedding in less time

  • If you are planning for last minute weddings there are many options for bargaining and also availability of cancellation wedding venues are also available if you are lucky

  • The theme of your wedding will be related to venue that you have chosen. it will be depend on what type of wedding you are dreaming of-for a glamorous and glittering venue it is preferable to choose boutique hotels. If you are thinking for country rustic weddings you can go for barn venues. If you are dreaming for exclusive wedding styles you can choose country house

  • If you are planning for a marriage in church ten plan for a ceremony and evening party at the same place to transfer your guests there

Things you should confirm before choosing a venue

Before going to choose a dream wedding venue for your special day, there are some most important things that you should discuss with the venue manager and questions to ask venue. Some of them are

  • First thing you have to discuss about the logistics of your wedding like things about guest list, wedding theme etc. 

  • Bridal planning list is to be discussed to get all the arrangements related to bride is to be done

  • Check out the availability of the wedding venue at the time of your wedding

  • Find out if the venue is with full service or not

  • Find out whether your dream wedding style is possible with the venue that you are about to choose

  • And also clear some questions with the venue manager that how many weddings are done here, and who will be helping you on the day of your wedding if you need any or else ask whether you can choose chatter berries for all the arrangements related to your wedding 


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