Top Wedding Destinations for the Fall Bride 

Top Wedding Destinations for the Fall Bride

For a very long time, people have always preferred to schedule their wedding during the summer season. However, this trend seems to be changing now, and quite a few brides and grooms, are now planning their weddings during the fall season. The fall season is considered to be the season of love and romance and there are some really amazing wedding destinations where you can have the most perfect fall wedding. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a destination wedding during the fall season, then below is a list of some places which you must definitely consider for the purpose. 

Asheville, North Carolina

The small city of Ashville comes to life during the fall season. This city which is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains looks stunning during the fall season as the leaves change and the air here turns a little crisp. Whether you want to get a rustic barn feel or have an elegant yet regal wedding in a French Renaissance chateau, you can take your pick from many different options offered by the city. The backdrops of the mountains ensure that every wedding picture of yours turns out to be breath-taking. 


People generally stay away from a Caribbean wedding during the fall season due to the fear of a hurricane, but if you have always wished for this Caribbean wedding, then there is no need for you to compromise, since Aruba offers you the perfect solution for it. This city is situated in the south of the Caribbean and is, therefore, far away from the hurricane belt, thus allowing you to plan your dream wedding here even during the fall season. The fall season is perfect for planning a wedding here also because, all the crowds from the summer has already left and while the trade winds will ensure that you stay cool, the sun on the white sand beaches make the entire place glow, making for some really great wedding photos. 

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

A fall wedding in the New England is what romantic stories and dreams are made of. The autumns stunning colours offer the most perfect backdrop, while the city itself, offers a long history and some really exotic places, which you can choose from for conducting your wedding ceremony at. This place is a favourite with many celebrities across the world, as it offers the perfect combination of luxury, history and romance. 

Napa Valley, California

The best time to visit Napa Valley is the fall season. The grapes are getting crushed during this time of the year and you can plan your wedding surround by acres and acres of vineyards. This place will help in giving your wedding a rustic feel along with offering understated luxury.

There are many other places around the world which make for the most perfect destinations for a fall wedding. Therefore, instead of paying double the prices for everything by trying to accommodate your wedding during the summer season, open yourself to the idea of a fall wedding and explore some of the amazing options like those mentioned above and many more present around the globe. 


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