Top Wedding Fights Engaged Couples Have (and How to Avoid Them) 

Top Wedding Fights Engaged Couples Have (and How to Avoid Them)

The wedding relationship is all about the understanding and the minor conflicts if come in between are dissolved due to the love and zeal to start the life in a newer way. The engaged life is full of parties and sittings. The fancy parties in your honor, a legitimate excuse to plunk down thousands for one dress, besides, screaming matches over the wedding guest list.  The minefields associated with the engagement period are related to the hot topics that can indeed stimulate the bigger blowouts; the seating plan is not just a seating plan sometimes.

The planning of wedding is actually the trial run for your future marriage. In addition, the matter of fight among the people is clues on which the trouble is possibly arriving in the future. The common wedding blowouts, along with their solutions to resolve, have been discussed here-

1. Family issues- 

the wedding guest list of both sides is important to consider for future financial dealings. You should be straight forward in asking- what will be your family guest list and the cost that would be incurred in accommodating them. Can there be something done to limit the cost? Will your family chip in? The contributions of both sides for the overall cost would be important in deciding the entire wedding costs.

Many psychologists and the experts have advised of being on the lookout for the conflicts like these to be about hidden issues. Moreover, it’s mandatory to understand about the greater sense of obligation of the partner for financial issues or wedding in certain ways?

Involvement of the groom – there always remains the involvement of bride and groom for the never ending planning of the wedding in one or the other ways. However, most men are clueless if it comes about the design and décor. There is stringent need of the groom to be involved in various issues of the wedding. You just need to find out, what things he is interested in doing mostly. Further, keep on encouraging doing the same. Any plans or the discussions must be deferred to the bride rather than considering or feeling that your parents or his parents are interfering with the wedding plans.

2. Money matters-

You need to take care of every subtle aspect of the wedding. The money matters are indeed the most sensitive one. If you are crazy about the expenditures on your lehenga, but your groom want you to spare or save for the Bora Bora or other country honeymoon. What actually entitles you to spend so many bucks on the wedding dress? You are supposed to sit down together and work for the common goal of enjoy after wedding and don’t forget to decide about the finances of the wedding together.

3. Religion

The religion along with the custom and traditions are the most sensitive and the common issues, which can bring two of you closer to each other to know more about both of you. So, if you think that why he does not make efforts to know about the traditions actually??

The guy actually may not be knowing that the bride actually want him to know about him. "If handled calmly and sensitively, a discussion like this can be an opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner better just by getting clear about what these traditions mean and say about each other."

4. Aesthetics

The issue of liking and disliking may be the newer problem. The power of decision making may be an issue. You sometime want candle light dinner, she may want the different aspect, you may be liking the dark green ink, whereas, he may be liking the pale yellow colour. You actually need to prioritize the importance of each detail. The earliest you learn the importance of how to prioritize, negotiate and compromise, more strong would be the relation. You start getting on well with these handy skills later on.


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