Traditional Indian Sarees A Bride Must Own 

Traditional Indian Sarees A Bride Must Own

The saree is part traditional Indian dress in India, and every state has its own specific sarees having unique style which always remains in fashion. The Indian brides wear them in wedding and also try to keep several traditional sarees from ethnic wardrobe as given bellow.

  • Traditional Banarasi Saree:
The city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh state of India is sacred for the Hindus and is the oldest living city of the world. The fine Banarasi saree are hand-woven here. These sarees have explicit embroidery which is impossible to miss. The Banarasi sarees have brocade with jamawar, zardosi and meenakari and its making may take up to six months.

  • Traditional Bandhani Saree:
These sarees are also called as bandhej and come from the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. These dye sarees are available in various designs and colours. The bandhani sarees are right for all festive occasions. The bandhani style looks regal not only in traditional yellow, green and red, but also in the contemporary pastel shades of pink.

  • Traditional Patola Saree:
The Patola sarees come from the Indian state of Gujarat. These are known as the status symbol in Gujarat. The Patola sarees are costly due to its intricate design. These sarees are mostly custom designed. The Patola sarees are woven by few families in Gujarat’s Patan town and may take six months to a year to make. The exquisite quality silk is used in making of Patola sarees with traditional colors and geometric shapes. These sarees look stunning the wearer lady becomes the center of attraction in any function.

  • Traditional Kanjivaram Saree:
These sarees are known by the name of their originating place Kanchipuram in Indian state of Tamil Nadu and symbolize luxurious silk. The hallmark of these sarees is bird and animal motifs with dazzling golden border. These sarees are costly due to its gold thread, silk fabric and intricacy of patterns and weaves.

  • Traditional Paithani Saree:
The Paithani sarees come from the Indian state of Maharashtra and are among the richest sarees from this state. These sarees are made from silk and gold which were limited for the high end patrons in olden times. The Paithani sarees are available in vibrant color combinations. The pallus of these sarees are splashed with eye catching designs, especially peacock motifs. Several other birds, animals and Ajanta-Ellora cave art adorn the border of Paithani sarees which are hand-woven to perfection. The Paithani sarees are suitable for the women of all ages and for every auspicious occasion.

  • Traditional Chanderi Saree:
The Chanderi sarees come from Chanderi town located in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. These sarees are blended from cotton and silk which makes them lightweight. The Chanderi sarees come in the structure which is translucent and unique. These sarees are especially comfortable in summer months.

  • Traditional Sambalpuri Saree:
These Sambalpuri Sarees come from Orissa state of India. These sarees have intricate weave of ikat having motifs including shells, flowers and wheels. These Sambalpuri Sarees are warp tie-dyed and then woven. These sarees make any function special for a bride.


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