Traditional Versus Contemporary Wedding 

Traditional Versus Contemporary Wedding

Weddings in India are a grand affair. People plan for these weddings, even before they have found a match for themselves. Parents start saving for these weddings, immediately after their children are born. The bride and the groom and both their families leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that everything in the wedding goes perfect. 

The first thing that these people need to decide on before they start planning and making arrangements for the wedding is whether they want to go in for a traditional wedding or a more contemporary wedding. Weddings are a traditional affair and therefore, many people would not even consider having a modern wedding. But a close analysis of the two styles of wedding reveals that they are almost similar to each other, especially with respect to the various wedding ceremonies held during the course of the marriage, the only difference being that the religious priest is missing from the contemporary style of wedding. 

 Some of the differences between the two styles of wedding have been discussed below:


A traditional wedding is bound by the various restrictions, with respect to the timing of the ceremonies, the way the ceremonies have to be conducted, etc. On the other hand, a contemporary wedding is free from all such bounds and the families of both the bride and the groom mutually decide what is convenient for both of them and accordingly the ceremonies are planned. Besides the way the wedding will be conducted, other important decisions like the attire of the couple, gifts that will be exchanged during the wedding ceremony, etc. are also prescribed in a traditional wedding and not following the set rules, can actually make the marriage null and void. However, when you decide to go in for a modern wedding, all these decisions are made freely as per the means and wishes of the marrying couple and their families. 

Person Presiding Over The Marriage

Another big point of difference between a traditional wedding and a modern wedding is with regard to the person who presides over the wedding. In the case of the traditional wedding, there is always a religious priest or religious guru who is present at all ceremonies; it is under his supervision that all the ceremonies of the wedding are conducted. In the case of a contemporary wedding, however, the wedding can be presided over by a justice of peace, clerk or any other person who has been authorized by law to preside over a wedding ceremony.  

Inclusion Of Religious Affairs

In a traditional wedding, there are numerous religious affairs which are prescribed and   each and every one of these religious traditions and customs have to be followed. But such is not the case with a contemporary wedding. Contemporary weddings are a lot more relaxed in nature and give the freedom to the marrying couple and their families to engage in only those traditions and customs which they like and wish to follow. There are no compulsions in a modern wedding. 

Different people may have different opinions about traditional and modern weddings and therefore, as per your liking, you can choose whichever style of wedding you want for yourself. 


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