Traditional Versus Contemporary Wedding Style 

Traditional Versus Contemporary Wedding Style

Indian wedding is famous worldwide for its traditions and rituals followed in the wedding ceremony. Each and every ritual is performed with utmost devotion to god. The marriage is conducted as a sacred event with relatives and friends gathered for the felicitous occasion.

The wedding style has undergone gradual changes over time. Nowadays marriages are modernized rather than being ritualistic. In spite of all the newer changes adopted wedding is made to be sacred in all aspects with god as the ultimate witness.

Solemnizing the wedding

In traditional wedding the marriage is finalized and major decisions are taken by the parents. But nowadays prior importance is given to the desire of bride and groom regarding the wedding decor sets and venue. 

Wedding decors

In traditional wedding the marriage hall is decorated with natural flowers spreading the fragrance all around. Also the wedding decors are made simple but captivating in Indian weddings. 

Contemporary wedding

 In contemporary style of weddings the couple opts for artificially made wedding decor.  This is because they last for longer time when compared to natural flowers and traditional decorative items. 

Theme weddings

Nowadays the marriage is planned and celebrated by event managing companies. There are a set of people available who work as a team to make all the arrangements for the wedding. They also design the hall with a particular theme and the wedding decor sets are planned according to the theme. 

Wedding attire

The major differences between traditional and contemporary wedding style is the wedding attire. Indian wedding dress is simple but elegant. They prefer saris for the marriage and traditional Lehenga choli for the reception. The groom mostly prefers dhoti and kurti. These altogether comprise the traditional Indian wedding dress. They do not change dresses often. One or two costumes are enough for the wedding.

Modern dresses

In contemporary wedding, bridal gowns are used at the wedlock. The reception party is a grand occasion where the bride and groom dress up to appear classy. Designer lehenga choli are preferred by the bride whereas the groom is dressed up in blazer trying to be formal. They see to that their attire matches to the tone of wedding decor.

Wedding purchase

Traditional Indian wedding dress is brought at the places where they are actually manufactured. This is because Indian wedding dress is believed to be good enough when brought from its native places. Silk is the type of fabric best suited for Indian wedding.

Online shopping

In case of contemporary wedding, the designer lehenga choli is ordered either online through popular shopping sites or it is made to be specially designed by latest and trendy fashion designers. They bridal gowns are available in many models and the bride is able to pick up the best by looking at the catalogues. Nowadays traditional lehenga choli is also featured in online websites.

Though there exists a distinct feature of contemporary and traditional wedding style the marriage is accustomed to be held with lot of excitement, enthusiasm, love and joy. 


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