Traditions and Rituals of A Punjabi Wedding 

Traditions and Rituals of A Punjabi Wedding

The fun loving nature of Punjabis who enjoy their life is reflected in their weddings and related functions like engagement, mehndi ceremony etc. Delicious food, great music, dance and plenty of rituals are main attractions of a Punjabi wedding. There are many pre-wedding functions of this regional wedding all of which are given as follows. Let us take a close look at the traditions and rituals of a Punjabi wedding in detail.

Pre Wedding Ceremony

Roka: The families of the bride and the groom meet and promise the commencement of a new family relationship. Gifts and sweets are exchanged during the ceremony.

Shagun:  The groom’s family receives gifts during a function hosted by them. The bride’s father applies a tikka on the groom’s forehead as a mark of respect towards the groom.
Another function of Chunni Chhadhana also forms part of either roka or shagun wherein groom’s sister and mother give gifts and jewellery to the bride.

Engagement (Sagai): The exchange of gifts continues during sagai which involves both bride and the groom slip rings into each other’s index finger. It is also known as the ring ceremony and is also a major ceremony before the marriage. It involves inviting and giving gifts to all the relatives of the families.

Sangeet and Mehndi: These functions go hand in hand in bride’s family wherein mehndi is applied on bride’s hand and feet. A simple ceremony happens in groom’s family also but as a symbolic gesture only.

Traditions and Rituals During the Wedding Ceremony

Chuda Pehnane ki Rasam: The bride is given bangles by her uncle whom she has to wear throughout the wedding and then continue for whole one year.

Sehrabandi and Ghodi Chadhna: Sehra is tied by the sister of the groom and then he climbs the ghodi.

Warmala:  The bride and the groom put flower garlands around each other’s neck before the pheras (vows).

Kanyadaan: The bride’s hand is given by the father to the groom who is followed by seven pheras around the holy fire. The groom thereafter puts mangal sutra around the girl’s neck and applies sindoor on her forehead. The couple is now considered to be married and they now seek blessings of all the elders.

Post-wedding Ceremonies

Vidaai: This marks the departure of bride from her parent’s house and is an emotional occasion both for the bride and her parents.
Fun games:  After arrival of the couple in groom’s family, the bride is welcomed in the new home with a number of ceremonies and the bride first tosses a vessel of rice on floor before entering the house. Hereafter the entire family plays few fun games with the bride to make her feel comfortable in the new house.

The Reception Party: The wedding finally culminates in the reception party organised by the groom’s family and in which many guests and relatives are invited. This also includes. The grand Punjabi wedding comes to an end with a grand reception party that is full of fun, dance and delicious food.


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