Traditions of Goa Marriage 

Traditions of Goa Marriage

Goa the place by itself brings in lot of romance and joy to people when they hear the name. And just imagine a wedding in Goa, the amount of excitement and fun it will bring to the wedding party. 

Goa weddings are ruled by tradition of those days but the western influence into these traditions is fastly approaching. Yes gone are those days where people follow all customs strictly in a marriage. The wedding in Goa is mostly planned in the beach site and the receptions are planned in the star hotels. The weddings at Taj are the most excited ones and most of the rich people do their weddings in this particular hotel due to its fame and richness. 

Mix of religion and tradition by accurate planning of wedding

Goa is a place of spiritual togetherness and unity in diversity. There are vast population of Hindu and Christians in the state. Goa traditional marriage happens through well planned process and systems. The wedding planner is engaged in undertaking the complete end to end arrangements in a wedding in Goa. There are many wedding planners in the state who can offer any type of arrangements for any time of population or tradition. The wedding planners of Goa have specialized teams who are experienced in handling any traditional customs and makes sure that all what need to happen are strictly followed. The wedding planners offer complete package in wedding and the range of costing depends on the plan you agree upon. 

Royal weddings happen in Goa

Since the city of Goa is filled with beaches and amusing hotels. A wedding which happens in Goa is always related to royal weddings in India. The hotels in Goa offer complete space and richness to your wedding. That is why all the royal weddings in the country take place in Goa. 

Weddings in Goa are costly

When you compare a wedding in Goa and with other places, the wedding in Goa is really costly. This is because of the fact that a wedding in Goa means you need to take care of many other things which will not happen in your own place. A wedding in Goa is mostly filled with fun, joy and happiness. You will be incurring the following expenses if you


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