Traditions of Pandit Marriage in India  

Traditions of Pandit Marriage in India

A wedding is an auspicious event that results in the unity of two beautiful souls who are bound to live as married couple in the world. The ceremony takes place in the form of seven to nine days festival which is cherished by both the bride and groom’s family members. 


The unique traditions followed in wedding pandit vary from state to state in India which is due to the country’s diversity. The celebrations may differ due to cultural aspects but the rituals are performed with the same motive.


Marriage is finalized


Initially, the wedding is fixed by the family members of both the bride and groom after many process of compatibility matching which includes status, family background, behavior, astrology etc. The bride’s parents finalize the date and venue to conduct the ceremony.

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Formal commitment


The couple’s get engaged in front of the idol they worship. Both the families exchange flowers and sweets especially rice pudding to confirm the wedding which is the tradition followed since ancient days. Now the planning process for the marriage begins.




The houses of both the bride and groom are cleaned with water and renovation is done on alternate days. The married women have a major role to play in this tradition. They prepare brick oven to cook sweets which is distributed to all the well-wishers to announce the marriage.


Sangeet and henna


The following days are allotted to carry out the music session where the couples relax themselves and cherish their happiness. The maternal aunt of the bride applies henna on the bride’s hands and feet after holy bath. This celebration ends with a perfect meal.


Before the marriage


The couples are made to worship Lord Shiva and Parvati in front of the utensils and ornaments which are to be taken by the bride to the groom’s family. The sacred fire and the idols influence them to promise for a happy married life.

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At the wedding


The couples enter the marriage hall in their wedding attire. They are made to see each other through the glass mirror which is a unique tradition followed. The couple then holds each other’s hands firmly till the end. They circle the sacred fire with seven promises made along with the nuptial knot being tied. The ceremony is made successful with the blessings offered by the invitees. A grand feast is arranged and the couple’s share of their food in the same plate.


After the wedding


The newlywed arrives at the groom’s house where aarti is taken and the maternal aunt performs a playful act of rejecting the bride. She is convinced with cash or jewels as per her planning. The arrival of the bride is considered to be Lord Lakshmi’s entry and she is made to light the holy lamps in the pooja room.


Emotional role


The bride’s parents become emotional as their daughter leaves them. On the other hand, they are satisfied on seeing the unity of the newlywed couple. They invite them for a non- vegetarian luncheon at the bride’s home.



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