Traditions Of Pandit Marriage In India - Seven To nine Days Affair  

Traditions Of Pandit Marriage In India - Seven To nine Days Affair

From pre wedding ceremonies to post wedding ceremonies, everything about a Kashmiri wedding is pristine and quaint. There are numerous rituals which are involved in a Kashmiri Pandit wedding. Below we have discussed these rituals briefly:

Pre wedding Rituals

The main Kashmiri Pandit wedding rituals performed before the main wedding ceremony include the following:


This is the formal engagement of the couple. The engagement happens in a temple, on a date fixed by a priest and both the families meet here and exchange flowers as a gesture of celebration for the alliance. 

Hindu Pandit for Wedding

Hindu Pandit for Wedding


This ceremony refers to the cleansing of the houses of both the bride and the groom. The event may happen either on the same day for both the families or they may do it on different dates as per their convenience. This day also marks the setting up of the oven in the backyard by the cook of the house and from then on all wedding meals are prepared there only. 


Wanwun or music sessions are held every day at both the bride and the groom’s house everyday till the wedding functions last.

Krool Khanun

Tradition imagery and symbols are used for decorating the door of the bride and the groom’s house.


This ceremony happens one week before the wedding. The bride’s feet are washed by her maternal aunts and her hands and feet are decorated with henna. 


If not done when the groom was younger, the thread ceremony takes place just before his marriage


This ceremony marks the conversion of the bride and the groom from brahmacharya ashram to grihastha ashram. The ceremony is held separately for the bride and the groom and all their relatives are supposed to observe fast on this day. 


Once Devgon is completed, the bride and the groom are taken back to their homes where they are bathed in water, rice, milk and curd, showered with flowers and given gifts in the form of jewellery and household items for the bride, while the groom receives new clothes. 


This is formal lunch in which the maternal relatives of both the bride and the groom participate in. Gifts are also exchanged during this lunch ceremony. 
Wedding Ceremony
After almost a week, all of the pre wedding functions get completed, and then finally wedding day arrives. The typical Kashmiri Pandit wedding ceremony includes:
- Maternal Uncles helping the groom tie the turban and get ready for the wedding ceremony.
- The groom’s family is received by the bride’s family at the wedding venue and nutmegs are exchanged as a symbol of lifelong relations between the two families. 
- Next the lagan ceremony is performed with both the bride and the groom together. 
-  Finally the wedding ceremony ends with the Posh Puza ceremony. 

Post Wedding Rituals

After the completion of the wedding rituals, the Vidaai ceremony takes place after which the bride is welcomed by the groom’s family in their home. Next day the bride goes back to her home along with the groom and some children. 


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