Tremendous Tips to Spice up your First holi after marriage 

Tremendous Tips to Spice up your First holi after marriage

Happy Colors to NewlysWeds and to everybody!!!

The wedding celebrations do not get over with mere rituals that follow the wedding there after. Rather not only does family of groom, but also the bride look keenly towards the joys of festivals that follow immediately or little long after the wedding. Reason being, the love gets boostened for the entire people linked therewith. The COLOURS of the celebrations start up a new course of discussion and settle positively the bond of love, understanding and joys forever.

Being a bride, the festival of vibrant colours,  sweet and happiness – the holi does carry immense significance in the way that it is indeed the most awaited and lovely festival to frown upon and to celebrate whether you like celebrating it with enthusiasm or not. Now as it’s your first holi after the wedding, why not to call  revelry, but have a special ring to them as well.Your new family also expects you to look and behave your best when they celebrate these festivals with you for the very first time. The wisest approach to celebrate festivals after marriage, is to do so in a manner that helps you bond better with your husband, your new family and friends. 

So, here are a few tips for celebrating your first Holi after marriage.

  1. Fun exclusively- bura na mano- holi hai :-Open up to celebrate Holi- Taking it as the golden chance to gauge the mood of your husband and in-laws. If it seems they are not so enthusiastic about the festival, Ask for the cause. If some tragic incident is the cause, you too need to curb your enthusiasm. If not, then you should try to spread that festive feel in the house. If you live in a nuclear family, do make your in-laws a part of your celebrations. This will help you bond with them better  and get in the good books of them forever.

  2. Deck up a little :- indeed its not a festival to look gorgeous but you must be in the best of your outfits , as looking more than good is really amazing idea by sacrificing your favourite dress. The idea of not wearing the simple white or old, rather wearing something funny and celebrating would leave an impeccable impact on the relatives forever.

  3. Be a perfect hostess:- The arrival of relatives for the celebration is very common phenomenon. The love they carry and the enthusiasm for the same may seem overcrazy, but you must not let their cups and plates empty. Serve them well before playing Holi with them, so that the bond of love can be further strengthened.

  4. If It’s An Arranged Marriage. . . . TAKE IT SLOW!
    In arranged marriage, especially if you are married recently, then chances are that you might be not that comfortable playing Holi with him/her like a crazy or with full fervor. So in this case, just put a little gulal (color) on her cheeks or just place a tikka on her forehead.

  5. Go Easy On The Drinks or Say, Bhaang:-
    There are chances that your friend’s would want you to taste their version of Bhaang, you can undeniably go ahead with it, but just ensure that you won’t go to the extent of getting knocked-out.


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