Trends In Wedding Stationery 

Trends In Wedding Stationery

More and more people these days are experimenting with the style and design of their wedding stationery. It is very important that the wedding stationery that the bride and the groom select for their wedding should be able to aptly reflect the mood and theme of the wedding. Therefore, instead of using standard designs, the couples these days are hiring the services of wedding stationery designers, who sit down with the bride and the groom, and understand their exact needs and wants and accordingly customize and design the wedding stationery for them. 

Some of the current trends in wedding stationery which you should be aware of and should also try to incorporate in your wedding stationery are as follows:

New Handwriting Styles

From the old and traditional calligraphy to many new handwriting styles, the designers these days are experimenting with many new and innovative handwriting styles for writing all the wordings in the card. These new and innovative writing styles help in giving the entire card and new and fresh look and feel and at the same time also help in making the card look even more beautiful. You can either have the entire content written in a single handwriting style, or you can choose different fonts for different parts of the card, for example, the part where you provide the information about the wedding like the wedding day, wedding venue, etc. it can be written in a more sober handwriting and the part where the names of the bride and groom are mentioned or a poem is written for them, can be written in a more fancy handwriting. 


The number and variety of colours that are being used on the cards has increased drastically. From pastel shades to bold colours, almost every colour has managed to make its way into the wedding stationery. However, if you are trying to play with these colours in a manner to give the card a more romantic feel, then you must try using watercolours. The strokes of these watercolours help in giving a delicate and subtle romantic vibe to the entire wedding stationery. However, it is important to remember here that the overall design of the wedding stationery should be in tune with the wedding style and theme. 


In the past letter locking patterns were used as monograms on every wedding invitation card and other wedding stationery. However, this has changed now and people are now opting for many new and innovative elements which represent the bride and the groom in a much more artistic manner. Therefore, while some couple would like to use doves as their monograms, others may opt for roses or any other shape which they feel that represents their relationship best. In fact, the monogram that is designed for the wedding stationery is often used in many other aspects of the wedding as well., for example, it may be printed on the wedding napkins, or on the boxes in which the wedding favours are distributed to the wedding guests. Thus, it becomes important that the design chosen for the monogram should be absolutely gorgeous and special. 


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