Trendy Indian Wedding Speeches  

Trendy Indian Wedding Speeches

The Indian weddings are always accompanied by the large number of traditions and rituals. The speeches have become a common trend now-a- days, whether it is mehendi celebration or the engagement. For the sake of doing thanks to the incoming guests, the parents of bride or groom, they are usually stimulated by sisters or aunts for delivering the same. 

The speeches are usually given by sister or their parents of both. The prime purpose of having the lectures is to express the gratitude for the guests. Now lets analyze, what these speeches are all about?

Step by step procedure of what is to be spoken?

1. There is first crucial step of introduction, which revolves around the relation with bride and groom. The humor of introduction must involve all the wedding guests in the laughs of the funs together.

2.  Secondly, try exploring the incidences from the real life incidence s so that the wedding guests may know much more about them and the more interest in the relations can be generated.

3. The next point to consider in this aspect is to discuss the more information about the relationship status of the bride and groom, when they used to meet in personal. The happiness they used to share and the feelings of both for each other.

4. The last of the speech must include the bundles of heartiest wishes on the occasion of wedding for the life time.

Personally we love them! Whaddya think?? Cute to have? Or too Western a concept to adapt to Indian weddings??


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