Try these 4 wedding decoration ideas that are making the trends today! 

Try these 4 wedding decoration ideas that are making the trends today!

Doli Saja Ke Rrakhna

Wedding is a grand function that finds the cultural attributes and fervor optimized through all means, customs and traditions of diversity. A new relation is made and the couple vows to live happily together for life; and hence we also find the showering of blessings by the family and all who come to be part of the function. Wedding décor is therefore considered a desirable dimension because much significance, goodness and joy is associated with this occasion. Responding to such demands, we find dedicated and specialty services by the professional vendors that offer different types of indoor and outdoor wedding decorations to suit the likes and fancies of the customers. Some wedding decoration ideas like that of flowers and lights have been the traditional ones and are still cherished as indispensable. However, we also find very unique wedding decoration concepts that are no less than genres of worth. Leading Indian wedding planner has offered hints of five latest wedding decoration ideas that could be considered for inspiration. Have a look at these – 


1.    Themed lighting concepts

Wedding Stage Decoration

Colorful lights have been among the traditional wedding decoration ideas since the old times and now we find more concepts in this segment; courtesy to the creativity of experts and the tech products of course that make the ambience adorable and exceptional. Today, the wedding décor caterers rely on laser lighting systems and they make use of tiny LEDs also to generate a vibrant appeal. The customer can also choose to decorate the wedding party venue with one or two tone lighting like blues and reds that are mingled up as art to create the criss cross patterns and a soaking appeal at the place.


2.    The royal darbar of the couple 

Wedding Organizers in Delhi

Wedding venue essentially includes the special place for the couple where the bride and groom sit and take blessings of others. These days, we find the concept of a royal darbar that is set as a grand stage with plush velvet upholstery and bedding and complemented with the heavy decoration in the background. The couple feels like the royal king and queen on their special day while others join them as their courtmen! 


3.    Pious inspirations 

Hindu Wedding Decorations

Ignite a spiritual religious feel at the wedding place by creating a concept of holiness and spirituality. Giant Buddha or Ganesh idols could be placed in the central place and this is complemented with the waterfall systems and other décor concepts like flowers and lighting, says the best wedding decorator of India who has himself used this concept for various customers. 


4.    Wholesome flowers décor 

Mandap Decoration

Decorate your wedding ambience with flowers to create a fine combination of colors, fragrance and freshness. Flowers are among the oldest wedding decoration ideas in India and world over and today the florists offer to create attractive flower décor concepts in different varieties and genres. 

These wedding décor concepts are in maximum demand and you could choose yours as per your likes! 


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