Try these Unique Diwali Gift Ideas for This Festive Season 

Try these Unique Diwali Gift Ideas for This Festive Season

Diwali gift hamers include those extraordinary gifts that your relatives don’t want to pass it on. The mouth watering sweets along with the most utility items have been the most likeable items. Still, we have gorgeous ideas of how you can make the festive season a boon for each other. The glitter of gifting can shine up your monotonous relations.

Unique Diwali gifts are pondered upon here- 

- Contemporary desserts with festival twist- 

this time you must avoid that traditional old mithai and try something inventive for special effects. Think of modern desserts, specially decorated with the twist of festivals. Donuts are in trend. Apart from these the soan papdi, white chocolate and crunchy pistachios, halwa cubes milk kalakand jalebi, motichoor ladoo, kaju katli, gulab jamuns, etc. are highly purchased items in the market. Various flavors – cardamom, cinnamon etc. can be chosen.

- Smart cooky Hampers with carefully selected bespoke treats- 

the problem of running out to get the best have been solved by getting the desired items to be packed as gift hampers in single pack. Apart from this, the tea lovers can be fabulously aimed for the variety of the flavored teas with aroma and taste. The green teas, hibiscus tea, cardamom or Ayurveda herbal teas can be assorted at a single place in the form of hamper. 

On the top of this, favorite nuts with a twist like as- caramel cardamoms, peppery cashews Californian almonds, rose raisins and walnuts can delight your friends and family. 

If you want really wow your relatives, put more budget onto your passion to get the extraordinary packs for the exotic styles. Inculcate- infused coconut sugar, personal care products, world’s finest beans from the Madagascar etc. apple cinnamon infusion teas, green coffee and quinoa pasta are in vogue too. 

- Electric appliances or other utility equipments- 

wanna gift something that aids to your utility bucket this Diwali? Switch on to the useful gifts like which don’t get dust or are not stashed up. No one want to get their gifts passed up for the lovely memories. Read carefully, this list of kitchen appliances that your near and dears would love to keep in the home. From coffee makers to refrigerators, waffle makers to toasters, pressure cookers to hand blenders.  Ice cream makers and flavors are also available in the market. 

- Scented candles/ Aroma diffusers- 

think of the decorated home during festival having aroma of lavenders or jasmine. How charming is the scenario. Take a notch up this year- gift essential oils or scented up candles from good earth. An aroma lamp can also be gifted. Especially if the base has enough capacity to hold water and spread aroma for long hours.

- Quirky jars, trays to serve the appetizers, colorful lanterns and candle holders- 

As aforementioned, the other decorating items include filigree lights and candelabras, glassware to wow your kiths and kins. 


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