Two Maids Of Honor - How Good Is This Concept 

Two Maids Of Honor - How Good Is This Concept

Wedding is definitely the special occasion because of the whole range of resonant customs and rituals that abound the couple and all. Besides, there is diversity of wedding etiquettes that have been developed over centuries of cultural evolutions in different parts of the world. These etiquettes were developed to generate a sense of authenticity and wholesomeness so that the finality is achieved towards the objective of blissful union of the groom and the bride. Among the notable etiquettes are the roles of maid of honor or matron of honor. This maid is really special and closes to the wife-to-be and is assigned the high duties of escorting her throughout the occasion while also taking care of her personal and emotional needs. As a tradition, the lady most intimate and trusted one is chosen for this role; but a tradition has emerged whereby the bride is choosing two maids of honor! How could this tradition be lived as a specialty? Let’s find out! 

Two maids of honors as a concept have never found any objective criticism as being irrelevant or bad. However, the persons wonder about the concept. Here are the good aspects of having two maids of honor. Go through them to decide your choice!

Special aura

A special and uniquely exceptional aura is delivered to the bride who is now flanked by the twin divas offering the same appeal. The two maids of honor walk alongside the bride who then feels the dual emotional support throughout her great day. A royal sense is developed for the occasions when the bride walks in with her maids of honor and the bridesmaids also accompany behind her. No wonder, she feels like the queen. The essential and iconic tasks of holding the bouquet of the bride and offering the pen for signature could be divided between the two maids of honor. Remember that both these duties are considered equally sober and valued and each maid of honor would love to handle the allotted task. 

Eliminate the dilemma 

Having two ladies that are equally trusted and close to the bride generates a typical dilemma for the ‘to be’ bride. She gets confused as whom to choose her maid of honor because as a tradition only one special lady is chosen. It is here that the bride can go for the double concept and assign two maids of honor. The bride can also choose to assign the role of matron of honor if one of the two ladies is married and older than her. 

Division of tasks 

This could be a great advantage with real practical value for the bride. The duties of maid of honor are wholesome and comprehensive and she is duty bound to deliver while keeping all the deadlines. The two maids of honor could be assigned different roles like doing the online searches and shopping from the market and many such tasks. 

Resonant roles

Having two maids of honor would allow two distinct personalities that could be offered the resonant roles. The creative mind could be given the bridal dressing tasks and other tasks like bridal shower; while the more tech-savvy and dynamic one could take up guests’ lists and allied tasks. 


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