Types of Bridal Jewelry In India  

Types of Bridal Jewelry In India

The look of Indian brides, or of any bride for that matter, is never complete without the right jewelry. The jewelry that a bride wears on her wedding day not only helps in complimenting her wedding dress, but it also enhances the beauty and look of the bride herself. For an Indian bride, there are numerous jewelry options present in the market. The jewelry set worn by an Indian bride on her wedding consists of numerous ornaments like bangles, necklaces, maagtika, nose ring, earrings, etc. Almost all of these items are worn by the bride on her wedding, but the designs and styling of these ornaments vary from bride to bride. 

Some of the most favorite options chosen by most of the Indian brides looking for traditional jewelry have been discussed below:


This jewelry is made from the purest form of gold and is hence extremely expensive. Usually, 24 carat gold is used for the making of Kundan sets. Along with this gold, many precious and semi-precious colored stones are used to come up with some amazing jewelry designs for the brides. This type of jewelry was worn by the early Mughals and even today, after wearing a nice Kundan set, one would get the royal feel. These Kundan sets are the most popular choice among the bride as their bridal sets. 


If you are looking for a bright and colorful bridal jewelry set, then Meenakari sets are the perfect option for you. These jewelry sets basically belong to Rajasthan, but today, because their grace and charm, they have managed to capture the hearts of the people all over the world. Use of patterns like peacock, flowers, fish and paisley is very common in these sets. 


In this type of jewelry, different gems like pearls, ruby, diamond, sapphire, etc. are embedded in melted gold and a big polka stone is placed in the center of the set, which gives the entire piece a stunning look. On the reverse side of these sets, one would find fine meenakari work done. 


Gold is supposed to be the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and therefore, wearing of gold by a bride is considered to be auspicious. Thus, it is no surprise that gold bridal jewelry sets are the most preferred choice of many brides. Gold is also considered to be a lot more durable and has better resale value and therefore, its demand is more. 


At one time, Lac jewelry, which is also known as Lacquer, was only restricted to Rajasthan. But today, this jewelry has become popular all over the world. These jewelry sets are available in many different designs and help in making the set stronger. In fact, the use of Lac bangles is compulsory in a typical Punjabi wedding. 


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