Types of Doshas in the Kundali 

There are ample of instances available, when the person inspite of working so hard for a particular field, goes into failure, even the work done goes into vain. similarly, it has been observed that the marriage relationships also gets weaker, instead of becoming stronger. all this leads to severe disappointment and negativity in their life that they are not lucky, their fate does not support them. 

The main cause behind this kind of situation is the incompatibility generated due to the stars. the planets and stars, when are at the favourable positions, cause comfort, whereas, opposite is seen in case of disarrangement and contradictory positions.

The presence of these doshas in the kundali can cause non-favourable conditions in your life such as marriage delayed, failure in the jobs, separation in the marriages, divorce and many financial problems.

Some of the doshas, which may in the Kundali can be:


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