Types of Gorgeous Shoes Every Bride Must Own 

Types of Gorgeous Shoes Every Bride Must Own

The would-be-bride has to take extra care in selecting every item that she wishes to put on during various rituals of her wedding. All the guests and relatives have look on every single item of her dressing. People see and judge about her personality, virtues etc. by having glance on her wedding wear only.  

When the matter is related to shoes, the brides must have one or all of the following types of shoes:

Platform Heels

You may identify a shoe of platform heels by having a look on its sole. The benefit of wearing this type of heel is that your feet will experience lesser strain than the other types of high heeled shoes. These are available in wedges type or stiletto type heels. You will feel comfortable while exhibiting a modern style too. 

Juttis and Mojaris
If you wish to have a traditional or ethnic wear for your feet on your marriage day, you may choose juttis and mojaris. This is in use since Mughal region. Whatever the colour and variety along with decorations you wish to buy, you may get. Wearing it, you will add different style to your modern look. The flat heal instead of heals are certainly meant for the brides who prefer something extra in their traditional attires.


If your choice is high heel, but you don’t like to stand for long time with the sore feet caused by sore feet, then you must choose a wedge type shoes. It is guaranteed that you will feel extra comfort while wearing these types of shoes than the traditional ones having pointed stilettos. Even you like regular heels, these will be more comfortable. One more important thing, if you wedding dress is a short-flared one having cool colours, then you can’t say no for these types of shoes. 


This is must have for every bride and how may you ignore? Because, you will find it suitable with all types of wedding attires, be it traditional or modern western looks. Even after marriage, you may wear these pumps on casual wears or tight dresses. 


Mind it, the marriage is once in lifetime affair and you can’t compromise with your looks in any manner. So, if you that you have to present your glamour quotient on the big day, you must wear stilettos in your feet. One thing, you have to keep in mind; practice walking with these wear a few times in your home so that you don’t feel abnormal or any stress in your feet on the big. If you have done this, you would-be-husband will be mesmerised by this look. 

Kitten Heels

If you prefer comfort to style at all costs, then you must pick a pair of kitten heels for your marriage also. This will be of great use, when you will go for hang out or honeymoon wearing jeans with your husband. You will receive accolades in parties also, once you wear these kinds of shoes. Your husband would love to see in this type of shoes.  

Sling backs

The strap available in these kinds of shoes, keep the footwear attached to your feet and you feel less uncomforting while walking. You have the liberty to select different length of heels. The toe of the footwear is generally pointed or rounded. This is most suitable with anarkali suits. 


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