Types Of Groups You Will Find in Every Marriage 

Types Of Groups You Will Find in Every Marriage

Every time you visit a wedding ceremony, if you look carefully, you would be able to see a few very prominent groups of people present in each and every wedding. The people in those groups may change, but the nature of the group remains the same. 

Below we present a list of such groups, in which most of the wedding guests attending a marriage can be classified into:

The Gossip Group

All the idle aged aunties generally fall in this group. They would form a nice circle in the center of the wedding hall, from where they would be able to keep an eye on everything and everyone at the wedding and chat with each other about anything that may be even remotely related to the wedding or the people at the wedding. These ladies attend weddings only will the sole purpose of finding out some juicy gossip about the bride, the groom, their families or someone on the guest list of these people. 

The Food Freaks

The people belonging to this group may or may not have anything else in common with each other than their love for food. These foodies, will discuss each and every dish in detail, whether they like it or not. From its recipe to the possibility of making the dish better, these people would have an opinion about probably even the plain water that is served at the weddings. 

The Fun Gang

This is the group of most happening people present at the party. These people only want to have fun and enjoy the weeding to the hilt. Everyone wants to be a part of this group. These people participate in everything activity that takes place at the wedding, be it singing, dancing, playing games, etc. 

The Little Ones

You may have been worried about taking your kid to the party, thinking that he or she may get bored over there, but the kids are able to make friends easily and at a wedding they will surely find many other kids of their age and soon they will form a group of their own and get busy playing with the flowers and decorations put up at the venue. 

The Political Group

People in this group are, or at least try to project themselves as, people with a very high IQ. You will find these people sitting in a quiet corner in the venue and seriously discussing all the current political issues affecting the country and the world. Every person in this group will make sure that his or her opinion is taken seriously. 

The Selfie Group

This group generally consists of people who are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves. The only reason these people visit wedding functions, is that they would get the chance to dress up nicely and get their pictures clicked in their latest dresses. You can easily spot them posing in front of the most nicely decorated and lighted corners of the wedding venue. 

The Advisory Committee

These people are found lingering around the place where the ceremonies are taking place and they can be heard constantly telling others how the ceremony should be conducted. 


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