Types of Makeup - A Complete Guide for Bridal Makeup 

Types of Makeup - A Complete Guide for Bridal Makeup

Types of Makeup - Bridal Makeup is of prime importance for a to-be bride. The majority of time and effort is put in to decide that D day look. Makeup Artist often try to get experimental about Bride Makeup by trying to give her a complete make-over by straightening of her hair, applying hair colour etc, this truly enhance the beauty of the bride. There are different types of makeup for Bride. These different types of makeup are done by trained professionals so that the bride looks drop dead gorgeous on her special day. There are different types of makeup for the bride these days which use variety of techniques and expertise. Types of bridal makeup names are-


  • HD Makeup

  • Airbrush Makeup

  • Matte Makeup

  • Mineral Makeup

  • Shimmer Makeup

  • Smoky Makeup

  • Natural Makeup


All the above-mentioned techniques of makeups are discussed in detail in this article.



1. HD Makeup


HD Makeup means High Definition Makeup. The HD Makeup look is highly trending these days, we regularly see celebrities carrying this on the silver screen.


HD Bridal Makeup


Why is HD makeup so popular?


Latest technology HD Cameras easily expose those blemishes, uneven tone of skin and wrinkles with their penetrating lenses, which just cannot be seen by the naked eye. HD makeup is an extremely fine layer of makeup which hides all such flaws from the eye of the camera and provides that radiant look in your clicks.


How is HD Makeup Bridal done?


HD Makeup for Bride or Bridal look at first moisturises the skin which settles into the deep creases and wrinkles of dry skin. This hydration of skin soothes it deep inside. This make wrinkles and other fine lines almost invisible. Later, brushes and sponges are moved in downward motion to hide all the fine facial hair. Blending of skin tone of the neck and face is done carefully.


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HD Makeup Products and HD Makeup Mac are extremely light and brings out the naive and radiant look of you. Moreover, it remains for a longer duration. However, cosmetic products having light reflecting properties give the same effect as that of HD Makeup, so one does need not switch to such makeup if not as necessary.


2. Airbrush Makeup


The Airbrush Makeup Kit literally has an Airbrush for Makeup and makeup is actually sprayed over the face as against the use of traditional sponges and brushes for makeup.


Air Brush Makeup


How is Airbrush Makeup done?


Air compressor gun is filled with foundation or base which is applied in a forward back motion or a circular motion all over the face and neck. Similar technique is used to apply the eye shadow, redefine eyebrows, blush and lip colour.


What are the benefits of using Airbrush makeup?


Airbrush for Bridal Makeup creates a layer of makeup on the face to give that spotless and blemish free look. Airbrush Makeup for Bride lasts long, looks natural and hides spots. It also covers the differences in complexion if any. Airbrush Makeup for wedding is in high demand these days. Although, it seems to be a little heavy on application during humid weather, still it is eminently recommended because of the Airbrush Makeup Benefits.


3. Matte Makeup


What is Matte Makeup?


Matte Makeup


Makeup with Matte finish is not at all shiny, rather it gives a dull and flat finish on application. This can be used to experiment with the bold and dark shades, without stealing your natural charm. Matte makeup finish is extremely natural looking that is why it is so apt for wedding makeup purposes and daytime dressing. Matte Makeup Look is vastly admired and suitable for all occasions and all-weather conditions. Matte Makeup Kit has a wide range of mattifying powders, shades and colours to be used, which give that silky powdery finish, extending far more possibilities of experimentation.


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List the benefits of Matte Makeup-


This type of makeup is easy to build up, greatly recommended for oily skin. It is totally safe for skin which is prone to acne. Lastly, but not the least matte makeup is very light and lets the skin breathe and feel free.


4. Mineral Makeup


What is Mineral Makeup?


Mineral Makeup mostly comprises of compressed ingredients. These are absolutely natural and do not contain any kind of oil or waxy additions in them. Moreover, majority of the ingredients are clinically proven to be beneficial for the skin and heal for problematic skin types.


Mineral Makeup


As the name suggests mineral makeup uses no chemicals and hence, it is safe for all skin types. This type of makeup is vastly recommended by the dermatologists for those having sensitive skin and for people who have got some special treatment done on their skin. Being in high demand, range in the mineral makeup has been made wide with more and more options in terms of products and colours.


How to apply Mineral Makeup?


Compressed powder of Mineral makeup is applied on the skin using a brush. A thick brush is used, the denser the hair of brushes, the better application and performance it provides.


5. Shimmery Makeup


What do you mean by shimmery makeup?


Shimmery Makeup


Shimmery Makeup basically uses more of sparkle and Shimmer for Makeup. It has a wider range of metallic shades and can actually be applied on all parts of the face and body including shoulders, neck, collar bones and face, i.e. all exposed body parts. Use of shimmer for makeup gives that magical and dramatic look, also it transforms the simple looking into glamourous diva look.


How is Shimmery Makeup done?


With the help of the makeup brush, powder is applied between eyebrows and on the top of eyelids using gentle horizontal strokes. Simply blend this powder with other parts of your face, including cheekbones. Now, brush shimmer powder on these areas to highlight the cheekbones.


6. Smokey Makeup


What is Smokey Makeup?


Smokey Makeup


Makeup with Smokey Eyes focuses mainly on the eyes and bold lips. It uses dark and smoky shades of black and grey for that sexy and stunning look.


How is it done?


Smokey Eye Makeup is all about adding on dark kohl, deep eyeliner and fake eyelashes, with that bold coloured lipstick, which completes the look. Dark, black and shades of grey are prominently used for the dark smoky look and major use of brown colour is done for that soft smokey getup of Smokey Makeup Eyes


Suitability of Smokey makeup


Stunning sassy look for chills in the night clubs, bachelors party and that gorgeous even look demands the smokey you. Carry this with the perfect oomph!


7. Natural Makeup


What is natural makeup?


Natural Makeup


Natural Makeup is your second skin and gives your skin a perfect even tone with the prominent use of pink and peach shades just as it is done to apply blush on the face. This type of makeup uses the effect of the light and the dark, for that charming and pleasing look. Well, this type of a look is often chosen for the day parties and highlights your natural features making you look flawless, radiant and charming.


Tips for Natural Makeup Look-


a) Moisturise the face for that perfect base for makeup.

b) Conceal those fine lines, blemishes, spots and dark circles.

c) Apply light foundation all over.

d) According to the skin tone, use subtle blush.

e) Use pink, peach and sand colours for that nude lip getup.

f) Fine layer of mascara will do good.

g) Use of no liner will highlight that great natural look of your instead of the dramatic one.


Natural Makeup for Wedding is vastly preferred for day time weddings under the open sky theme or cooler destinations. Also, major thrust these days lies on the concept of matching the entire look with the décor and getup, hence natural makeup for the bride is preferred these days.


Which type of makeup look suits which function-


Type of makeup to be worn by the bride or others in any celebration can be decided taking into consideration the theme of the celebration, time of the day, party outfits, gathering in numbers, décor of the function, location of the venue, weather and season etc.


Party Makeup


* If the party is during the day time, in a cool breezy weather, under the open sky then, the makeup should be kept simple, natural looking. Somewhat, natural makeup or a mineral makeup which reflects the natural beauty of the skin can be carried. This is the best suitable type, recommended even for large or small gatherings. Smoky or Matte finish makeup may not look so enriched and suitable.


* If the party is at the night with lots of glittering lights and for long hours, then one should opt for a HD makeup, Shimmery or Smokey makeup. Because these makeups last long and highlight the glamourous part of one’s personality. The long stay of makeup, liberates you to be there at the venue till last avoiding that cakey look.


* Dance parties or sangeet of weddings, call for that sexy and sassy look with smoky makeup. Highlighting the eyes and lips of divas. Gleaming lights, shimmery get up with those shimmery and smokey makeup creates astounding charisma in the party.


Bring out the best of your look at this festive season of wedding and parties. Be beautiful; be charming.


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