Types of Wedding Photography You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photographer! 

Types of Wedding Photography You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photographer!

Wedding photography services resonated deeply with the popular aspirations because people have been always enthusiastic about preserving the best and much cherished moments of their life. The wedding shutterbugs allow the same with precision and quality. The last one decade also witnessed the inclusion of fine creativity on the part of photographers & now we have genre specializations that have almost re-defined this service segment. Today, you can opt for different types of wedding photography services in addition to traditional photography that is the oldest concept and still a sought after one! Let’s explore as what are the trending wedding photography services of age and how these are being offered by the top banners of market. Take a look at Types of Wedding Photography before you hire a wedding photographer!


Types of wedding photography 


Traditional wedding photography


Traditional Wedding Photography


Like as said above, it is the oldest type of service and almost defines the wedding photographers’ profession. The significance of it has not gone down with the passage of time; mainly because it is here that the beauty and charm is shot in totality so that the wedding album achieves substance and meaning. The shutterbug works professionally to capture the wedding customs and traditions in full fervor and offers a decent illustration that forms the core of any album. In Indian parlance, the importance of traditional wedding photography is immense because of the deeper cultural ethos and associated customary adherences during the wedding time.


Candid wedding photography


Candid Wedding Photography


If you are wondering as what candid photography meaning is then derive from its words! As the name goes, candid here means a photoshoot that is genuine. The wedding photographer armed with high tech cams moves through the wedding scenes and occasion to identify the shots that showcase the true fervor of the event. He then captures them in anonymity so that the real joy and enthusiasm is shot. Often, these pictures are devoid of ‘say cheese’ smiles and you find the true emotions that speak the charm! The candid wedding photos serve to add a silver lining to any wedding album and this is the reason of its growing popularity.


Wedding cinematic photography


Cinematic Wedding Photography


What is cinematography in wedding? Are you also searching the same answer? Cinematography meaning implies the cinema value; but here for the couple that is tying the knot. Indians and people the world over have remained pretty enthusiastic about the cinema and when they got an opportunity to be in the lead roles, the response was no less than jubilance! Today, wedding cinematography is offered by professional service providers who employ their creative ideas to portray the bride and groom as the key actors in the wedding film. The focus is more on depicting the marital bliss rather than the storyline.


Thus when you book a package that includes this service then a cinematic wedding is assured; of course you need to choose a talented service provider so that the best value is achieved. Weddingdoers.com is a leading portal dedicated to wedding service providers and the seekers can choose from the best banners in their city. Online reviews and ratings help to make the fine choice.


Drone photography


Drone Wedding Photography


Drone photography wedding package has found demand and people are much curious about its offers. Much defined by the modern technology, this service allows capturing the wedding event in totality when a flying drone hovers above while the miniature yet powerful HD cams capture the shot. The photos can be clicked from multiple angles through the drone that is controlled remotely. Often it is complemented with other robotic paraphernalia, like the video cams handled by steel arms driven through joystick.


Hiring drone photography service simply adds a special dimension to any wedding event and catches the attention of the guests and all; while of course the core customs such as jaymala and vidaai are shot at their best through the chopper cams!


Pre wedding photography


Pre Wedding Photography


Pre wedding shoot meaning relates to the photography that is done before the actual wedding. This is a novel concept and has found demand and acceptance in the cosmopolitan societies. The bride and groom to be are at the center of such photography while the shutterbug captures the shots by making creative use of genres and trends. The couple can also pool in the ideas that fancy to their thoughts and likes and a wise photographer knows the tricks to incorporate them in the pre wedding photo shoot. The pre wedding meaning is thus an open space which is much defined by the shutterbug’s creativity and the choices of the couple!


Pre wedding shoot is like a fine complement to the main wedding album because it showcases the love in the making between the groom and bride that are going to tie the knot.


Portrait photography


Portrait Photography


Portrait photography meaning can be easily derived from the words of it. Here the wedding photographer while making use of his HD cameras captures the bride and groom like portraits. The idea is to showcase the beauty and charm on the reels and entire focus is on the bride and groom. Among different types of portrait photography, couple photography is also undertaken! In this segment, the shutterbug employs high professionalism to ensure that marital bliss is showcased at its best and the couple appears to be the finest one descended from heavens!


Choose the right type of wedding photography services resonant to your choices and likes and make out your own package. Weddingdoers.com lists the top banners in your city together with their specializations. So make an informed decision!


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