U & Me - Perfect Pre Wedding Photography in Chennai 

U & Me - Perfect Pre Wedding Photography in Chennai

Everyone wants a ‘big’ ‘fat’ wedding. However, a big wedding does not really mean that you need to have a long guest list, or book the biggest wedding hall. You can have a small, quiet destination wedding with your closest friends and family members, and it can still be your dream wedding. What really makes a wedding special is the amazing experience you and your guests have during the various ceremonies, and also the great memories that you create during the process.


The wedding memories are not just about the wedding day, but the entire journey leading up to that day. Therefore, many couples these days are opting for pre wedding photography. Through this pre wedding photoshoot, they are able to capture the events and special moments that led up to the wedding day. These pre wedding shoots capture the love, dreams and expectations of the bride and the groom and present them in the most beautiful manner.


Hence, choosing only the best pre wedding Indian photographers becomes an important wedding decision. Below are a few qualities that one should look for in a photographer for a pre wedding photoshoot in Chennai by Flashback Studios :


Capturing The Right Moments

Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Chennai by Flashback Studios

The pre wedding shoots are usually well planned and the couples pose in a choreographed manner. However, the real relationship between a couple can be captured in their candid moments. A good pre wedding photographer is able to not just recognize these moments but is always prepared to capture them as well. Hence, the pre wedding photoshoot should also include candid photoshoot, in order to build memories that are real and heartfelt.


Understanding Of Client Needs And Boundaries


The pre wedding photographer needs to be prepared to spend time talking to the clients in order to get a good understanding of their relationship and exact requirements from the photo shoot. The photographer should also be aware of his or her boundaries. It often happens that when doing candid photoshoots, the photographer does not know when to walk away and give the couple their space. This can make the couple uncomfortable and spoil the entire photo shoot. Good photographers like Flashback Studios know exactly which moments they need to capture and document, and when it is time for them to walk away.



Pre Wedding Photographer

The whole idea of doing a pre wedding photo shoot is to share the love story between the bride and the groom with the world. It is important that even the most simple love story of boy meets girl, falls in love, and they get married, is presented in the most interesting manner. Presenting this love story in an interesting manner is the job of the pre wedding photographer. Hence, unlike an ordinary wedding photographer lets go for the pre wedding photographer should be a great storyteller.


Devote Time

Pre Wedding Photo shoot by Flashback Studios

Most of the couples getting these pre wedding photoshoots are no professional actors or models and hence, the pre wedding photographer needs to spend some time with them and help them practice various poses, in order to capture the best pictures and create the most memorable pre wedding album.


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