Unexpected Invitation Ideas For Your Wedding Card 

Unexpected Invitation Ideas For Your Wedding Card

With everyone trying to come out with a design for their wedding invitation which is completely innovative and different from all the other wedding invites that they have ever seen, one is able to see some much unexpected invitation ideas getting birth. While some of these ideas do manage to impress the wedding guests, many of them also happen to fail. However, if you are the bride or the groom, then you will have to really apply yourself these days in order to come out with a wedding card which can manage to garner the appreciation from everyone. 

Some of the unexpected wedding invitation ideas which have come across in recent times have been discussed below:

Tea Towel Invitations

Yes, we actually received a wedding invitation which was not made of paper, but was printed on a tea towel and although I an not a tea lover, yet this invitation did manage to catch my attention and impress me. This unconventional invitation, is simply screen printing done on a towel. Thus, just like you would write down the words for a normal card and select a monogram and motif for the same and  then get it printed on a nice piece of paper, similarly, here also everything remains the same, except, the printing is done on a tea towel instead of a piece of paper. 

Watercolour Invitations

In case you are planning on having a very personal and small wedding, where only those people who are really close to you would be invited, then you can choose actually water paint and make personal wedding invitations for all your guests. You can either get letterpress printing or single colour design made on the card, depending on your budget and then uses watercolours for painting this design at home, personally for every guest. 

Vintage Postcards

Sending ordinary postcard as wedding invitations or even for the purpose of save the date may not be a very good idea, but if you use the style of the vintage postcards as the design for your save the date card or even the wedding card, that can be really impressive. This idea would work even better, if you are able to find a vintage postcard design with some really fun and interesting history which you know all your wedding guests must be aware of and will therefore, see the hidden fun element behind your card. 

Foil Stamped Invitations

Foil stamping is a technique in which heat and pressure are used for creating impressions on a metallic paper. This technique is generally used for making name plates, and other writing where a more prominent and permanent look is wanted. You can get your entire wedding invite foil stamped in black and white. This will give your invite a more classy and rich look and at the same time it will also look super swanky. 

There are many other similar unexpected wedding invitation styles, which are doing the round and you are also free to try out something different and innovative for your wedding card as well.


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